Chapter 47

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Cato and I arrive back at the campsite but no one is around. I look at Cato and he just shrugs his shoulders. No one’s weapons are lying around. A cannon blast echoes through the arena followed by another and another. Three total cannon blasts.

“What the hell is going on?” I snap at Cato. He wraps his arms around me and massages my shoulders. Cato knows how to relax my nerves when no one else can. I see 3 shadows appear right out of the blue. They have blood on their shoulders and all the way down their arms.

I then start to recognize the faces that approach me slowly. It’s Finnick, Johanna, and Janey. They look like they have been in an ambush. They all have an obvious limp in their step. I walk up to them and Janey leans against me. I hold her up with all of my power. Gale, Prim, and Annie come back into focus with some game in their hands.

“Prim help them, I’ll prepare something a friend of mine showed me how to do with just leaves and water. I take some leaves from the tree above my head and I put them in a canister. I mix in the water and shake it up. It creates some green mist that my mother taught me how to make years ago.

I walk over to each of them and pour some on their legs. They wince at first but then their pain turns to relaxation and smoothness

“What happened?” I ask as a concerned ally. Finnick cracks his knuckles and flashes a smirk at me.  

"We heard a crackling sound, so we decided to go investigate it and it was a trap by 2 girls from ten and one guy from 9. They attacked us from behind but we eventually got the upper hand on them and killed them." Finnick comments.

 "people are demented." I say. Annie smirks and flashes a wink at me. I just laugh and then I am tackled from behind.

"ughhh!" I shout as my body hits the ground hard. I  hear a crack and a huge pain comes up from my abdomen. I lie on the forest floor clutching my ribs. I hear shouting going on behind me. I turn around just in time to see Cato slashing his sword into the guy's neck.

The boy falls down to the ground and clutches his neck. He soon bleeds out from the huge gash made my Cato's blade. I think he was from District 6. What a horrible district I think to myself. Finnick helps me up to my feet. I feel a huge rush of pain in my mid-section.  

"Guys, I think we need to move our camp. Everyone knows where this one is now. We keep getting blindsided." Johanna comments.

I nod my head as it's getting hard to breathe. I clutch my stomach and collapse to the ground panting heavily. Cato kneels down by me and grabs my hand. I feel my eyes starting to shut. I collapse right there on the ground.

1 Day Later.

My eyes open and I look around. We're on the beach in a little cave. I'm lying on my back and my wetsuit has been totally removed. I'm wearing black cargo pants, black boots, a black t-shirt, a black jacket, and my vest of knives under that. I feel my ribs tighten. I roll my shirt up to see Bandage, a lot of it too, wrapped around my lower abdomen.

"oh thank god you're awake." Cato says helping me to my feet. I wrap my arms around his neck ignoring the pain and kiss him on the cheek.

"What happened Cato? I don't remember much." I say rubbing my head.

'You passed out from a couple broken ribs. Cassi sent you the new clothes and the bandages." Cato comments and I can't help but smile. I look up into the sky and give a wink.

"How many people died when I was out?" I ask.

"umm.. the girl from 5 and both from 8." He says. I jump into his arms and wrap my legs around his waist. I press my lips to his and he returns the kiss. Were right in the middle of a awesome make-out session, we hear a cough.

"Yo, were on TV, dumb-heads." Johanna says. Cato lets me down and I playfully punch him in the shoulder.

"You two should get some sleep. We are out getting some food." Johanna says leaving. I smile at Cato and he grabs my hand and leads back to where I just woke up. I lie down on the cave floor carefully and Cato snuggles right in beside me. I wrap my arms around his waist and put my face into his chest. I close my eyes and dream about my adorable kids before I pass out completely.

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