Chapter 41

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The door shuts behind Sara and Furling releases me. I'm still boiling mad about this whole situation. Furling turns me around and nods at me. I know I have to focus if this plan is to work for the tribute parade is to work. I am in a black robe and Furling faces me.

He undoes the rope and it slips off of my body. He takes my hair and puts it in a single braid that reminds me of Katniss's braid in the 74th games. He finishes it up and hands me a metal waarior suit. It is silver and it's like the old gladiators used to wear back in the dark days. At least, that's what my mom told me.

I slip it on and it's heavy but that's the purpose. He holds something in his hand and I notice it's my prized possession. My double bladed switchblade. He straps it to the side of my outfit. I smile knowing that he is one of my true friends.

He then walks over to the table and shows me the black and pink neoprene mask we had talked about. He slips it over my head. It has breathable nose holes and a thing where I can talk but my voice is a little muffled. My eyes are visible and kisses my forehead.

"Come on sweetheart, let's go show up the capitol."

He says with confidence. We meet Prim and Cato outside. Prim has the same exact mask that I have on. Her attire is a knee length black dress with a black and grey cape along with black and white boots. She has sleeves on her arms. Cato has a black and grey mask over his face.

His attire consists of a raggedy brown armor that comes down to his knees. He has brown boots on. He has a red headband that is tied on his left bicep. We say our good byes to Prim who rejoins Gale on the District 12 Chariot.

We climb into our chariot and I see the snake herself, Sara Snow, sitting in her chair on top of the balcony. I then notice who she is flanked by. It's Cassi and James. They look fine, this was her plan all along. Her intent was to never lay a hand on them, just make sure they weren't at the reaping to volunteer for Cato and I.

The parade starts and District One leads out followed by us. Cato taps on my hand and extends his hand and I smile through the mask. I intertwine my fingers with his and we raise our arms in unision causing a cheer from the crowd. My eyes stay locked on Sara, Cassi, and James. We reach the end of the parade route and we come to a halt underneath Sara. She stands up and walks up to the podium.

"welcome tributes! We honor your courage and your sacrifice. This is a special game's. It's name is The Renegade Games. Former Victors are honored and the rebels will never overcome the power of the capitol.' At that mention I yell at the top of my voice.

"DISTRICT 2!" Sara looks down at me and her snarky grin turns into a frown. I rip off my mask as does Prim and Cato. Cassi and James satnd up and make the family sign. Cato, Prim, and I do the same. Sara is outraged. She walks off and out of everyone's sight. I smile and the chariots go off away from the creapy capitol people.

"That was great, guys!" Furling and Alika say. I smile at their kind words. We climb out of the chariots and Cassi and James join us. We hug them and Prim comes over to us. She is staying in the District 2 part of the building.

We get in the elevator and we get to our floor. the elevator opens and I walk out. I rush into my room taking off the heavy, chunky parade outfit. I get into some blue jeans, a tanktop, and my boots. I wrap Johnny's Amulet around my neck. Cato walks in the room.

"That was great, sweetie." he says. I nod and I run up to him and wrap my arms around his neck. I press my lips to his and we engage in a firey kiss. We break away from the kiss at the sound of the elevator opening.

I open the door and see the Presidnet of Panem, Sara Snow standing across from me. I calmly walk out of the room and you could cut the tension in this room with a  butter knife right now. I stand face to face with my arch enemy.

"Sara." I say in a harsh tone.

"Clove, seems like your little display has been quite the talk of the capitol. But, I still am the leader of this country. It was an act of defiance and I view it as a spark." She snaps.

"Well, maybe it is a spark, trying to burn your family's terror reign down to the ground." I snap back at her.

"Well if you continue to light sparks, Remember I can light them back. Remember your brother, Johnny? I could do that to your entire family. Keep that in mind.." She says. My hands ball into fists and I charge at her knocking her down.

I elbow and punch her around the face area. She pushes me off and I flip myself up on my feet. She stares and I spear her onto the couch. It flips over and lands with a thud. I feel a set of arms wrap around my waist. I look and see Cato. He restrains me as Sara walks backwards to the elevator.

"You will pay for this Clove, I will get you and your kids too." She yells.

"Your going to die Sara! This spark will engulf your reign and you and both of you will burn down to ashes. THE REBELLION IS NEAR, VERY NEAR. "

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