Chapter 33

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I am awoken by a loud sound. I see 2 tributes fighting with Alexis and Coast. I jump up and throw a knife that hits one of the tributes right in the throat killing him. Coast snaps the enck of the other male tribute.

"Thanks cassi." Alexis says."

"No problem." I say. James and Zozane wake up and I help James up. James stands by my side. We survey the area to make sure that no one is hiding waiting to attack us when we turn our backs. My head still has some lingering effects of the concussion that I got, but it's a whole lot better.

'We should go out and try to fins some fresh water because I'm pretty sure that we dont ahve anything to  fix the saltwater." James says.

"yeah, I agree. " Coast says.

We walk away from our camp site and all of a sudden, the 2 tributes that taunted James and I ambush us. james goes into a different mode that I've never seen before. He snaps the girl's neck and stabs the male with his sword, killing him. 

"come on." Alexis says. I'm beginning to not trust her. I need to talk to James. I pull James behind them and he looks at me.

"hey, I dont trust Alexis. She is acting weird, I think we should kill her." i say.

 "I havent trusted her the whole time." He says smiling at me.

"Any plans, Cass?" He says using my nickname that everyone calls me back in District 2. 

"I have one. Follow my lead." We catch back up to the rest of the group. I see Alexis alone on the beach. I throw a knife in ehr back and it paralyzes her. I take another knife and throw it and it implaes itself in the back of her neck. She falls to the ground dead.  2 cannons go off as I see Coast standing over a dead Zozane. 

"Coast, what happened?" I ask retreiving my knives from Alexis's dead body.

"They turned on me. Alexis was going to get a sharp stick. I snaped his neck when you guys came through." I hear 2 cannons go off.  

"Coast, how many are left?" I ask wondering. 

"The 3 of us, the girl from 4, the boy from 11, and  Anesia and Jack from 6. 

 "Come on. lets go gather some food and find some water." James says.

We walk about a mile or two until we see some blackberries and we hear a stream of water up ahead. 

 All of a sudden, I feel my left leg go numb. I look and see Coast's spear in my left leg. He pulls it out causing extreme pain. He sees james and sprints off in the other direction. James approaches me and tears a piece off his wetsuit and wraps it around my leg.

"We need to get back to camp. I grab my leg in pain. James helps me up and he supports most of my body weight. After about 45 minutes, we reach our camp site. He lays me on my back and rips off the other sleeve on his wetsuit and tightens it around my leg, trying to stop the flow of blood.

I look up and James presses his lips to mine. We loss for about a minute or two. 

"Cass, look at me. Were going to get out of this alive, I promise." 

I look up into a camera and whisper the words that are my only hope at this point.

"Clove, please help me."

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