Chapter 31

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James tells me the rest of what happened. I walk out of his room. The living room is empty and I'm sure everybody's in their rooms. I walk into Cato and I's room. He is sleeping and I crawl into bed with him. He stirs in his sleep and his eyes slowly open.

"Clove?" Cato says.

"Yes, love. It's me. I didn't mean to wake you."

"It's okay, Clove."  I change into my black short shorts and my black t-shirt. I climb into bed with Cato and he wraps his arms around me. I lay my head down on a pillow. I feel his lips against my cheek as my eyes shut.

I am being awoken again by Cato shaking me. 

"Clove, get your butt up." He says as I rub my eyes. I sit up and Cato picks me up and sets me on my feet. 

"Clove, wake up." I rub my eyes and he leaves the room. I take a shower and I put my clothes on for the day. I'm wearing a red blouse with a black jacket over top of it, Blue Jeans, and my brown boots. I walk out of the room and see everybody ready. 

Cassi's head is bandaged and she has on a white t-shirt with a jacket on top of it. She is wearing Jeans and boots. James is in the training center attire and I balance on my crutches. 

"Clove, were keeping Cassi out of training for today after her injuries were evaluated. She has a major concussion." Brutus says informing me. We get in the elevator and go down to the training center. Cassi, Prim, Brutus, Enobaria, Cato, and me are on the balcony. 

Sarah walks over to where were standing with her daughter by her side. She introduces herself to Cassi as I watch her intently. She walks back over next to Plutarch Heavensbee. I see James at the sword station. Today's training goes on without any physical altercations. 

We head back up to the District 2 floor. James takes Cassi and helps her into her room. It is not even funny how much those two remind me of Cato and I. Cato and I sit on the couch and watch a Capitol newscast.

 Tomorrow is the private training session and District 2 has a huge reputation for good training center scores. I feel my eyes getting droopy and I rest my head in the crook of Cato's neck. I shut my eyes and take myself a nap.

I open my eyes and Cato is staring at me sleep. I cant help but laugh as I rub my eyes. 

"Good nap, Clover?" He says calling me by my childhood nickname.

"Yes, I actually feel awake, Now."

"Good, then I can do this." He presses his lips to mine and we kiss for a minute. We pull away and hope to god this is all over soon.

Next Day

Cato and I sit in the living room along with the rest of the mentors as Cassi and James are doing their private sessions. We learned that Cassi's specialty is knives and James is sword's. We told them to focus on showing off their abilities in those weapons.

The elevator door opens and Cassi and James walk past us and into their rooms. I can probably guess that there both tired. were going to let them have sleep before the announcing of the scores by Plutarch  and Caesar.

Hours pass and the scores are about to be announced. Prim goes and wakes up Cassi and James. They walk out of their rooms and Cassi sits down next James. Cassi is wearing a blue top with jeans. James is wearing black pants and a white shirt. 

The TV flips on and Caesar Flickerman pops up on the TV screen.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. The tributes were scored on a scale of 0-12."

"District One. Alexis Lawrence with a score of 10. Zozane Chase with a score of 10."

"District 2. Cassi Bolger with a score of 9. James Morgan with a score of 10." Cassi got a lower score then i excepted but good overall.

"District 12. Coast Westfield with a score of 12." Caesar says goodnight and the TV turns off. I am shocked that a boy from District 12 got a score of twelve. Tomorrow are the interviews and it's probably the most important part of the Games besides the actual Games itself.

Everybody goes into their rooms and falls asleep. 

Next Day Before The Interviews

I am sitting on the couch watching Furling put the finishing touches on Cassi. Cato is with James and the other district 2 stylist. Cassi is wearing a pink dress that stops just above her knees. It has a single strap that goes around her right shoulder. 

"Clove, I don't know if I can do this right." She says staring at me. 

"Cassi, listen. It's not that hard, just answer his questions honestly." I pull her in for a hug and an avox opens the door motioning for Cassi. We walk out of the room and see Cato and James. James is wearing an all white suit. 

The interviews start and District one finishes.

"Now, from District Two, Cassi Bolger. Cassi walks onto the stage and Caesar shakes hands with her. she sits down and Caesar sits down beside her. 

"So, Cassi, what do you think of the Capitol?" Caesar asks her.

"It's different then my home." She says.

"So, We were all worried about you when you got hurt during training the other day, do you remember anything about it?"

"Not, really. The whole thing is still a blur, Caesar." She says.

"That's what i thought. My last question is about your family. We were all very moved by your sister's actions during the reaping. Her crying and screaming your name. How close are you to her?"

"Me and Allie are probably closer to each other then we are to our parents. Allie looks up to me. With her being 13 and me being 18. It hurt me inside to hear her screaming. When she came to say goodbye to me, she looked me in the eyes and told me to win for her. I looked back into her eyes and told her I would."

"Wow. Ladies and Gentleman, Cassie Bolger!" He stands up and raises her arm and the crowd cheers. Cassi walks backstage and runs up and hugs me. She whispers in my ear.

"Clove, I miss her. She's my rock."

"Cassi, I know how you feel. My younger brother is my rock too. He helps me when I get in tough situations."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, James Morgan." James walks across the stage and shakes Caesar's hand. He sits down and Caesar shushes the crowd's cheer.

"James, what do you think of the capitol?" 

"To be honest, Caesar I think its weird. Everything is much more calm and relaxed in District 2." 

"So, James, We were all amazed by District two's parade entrance the other day. Can you explain that?"

"Sure. The lights were Furling's ideas, our stylist. He wanted to make District 2 stand out. He's always done that from what I've seen in the past."

"We were all amazed by Furling's creativity. I have one more question for you. We all noticed that you took exception during training when Cassi got hurt. why?" Caesar asks.

"Well, I dont like seeing the people I care about get severly hurt like that. To be honest, Cassi and I have been dating for over 3 years. I was 12 when we first started dating. She gets hurt alot, so I try to protect her as much as I can."

"Ladies and Gentleman, James Morgan!" Caesar raises his arms and he walks off the stage. We head to our floor and Cato and I go into our room. I can't sleep for some reason and I hear sounds coming from the living room.

I carefully get out of bed trying not to wake up Cato. I open the door and I see Cassi and James kissing in the living room. I shut our door quietly and I climb back in the bed and I fall asleep.


Hey guys! alot has happened this week. I finally reached over 200 fans and I was super excited about that. So, the games will take up the next 3 chapters, 32-34. They will be written in Cassi's POV because I was thinking., Writing it in Clove's wouldnt make sense and there wouldnt be the live action that the games bring. Anyway, Chapter 32 will be up either tomorrow or Monday. I hope you enjoy this chapter and Read, Comment, Vote. I appreciate your comments. Thank you! ~Flame

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