Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

I wake up and the light irritates me. I look beside me and Cato’s arms are wrapped around my waist. I just lie there and think about everything that happened yesterday. I see Cato’s eyes open and I turn to face him. He sees me and kisses me.

We break away and I sit up. “We have to go to the Capitol for the interview, don’t we”? “yeahh sweetie, we do”. I sigh and I sit up. I take a shower and I get out. I sit on my bed and cato messes with my hair. I put on my clothes and Cato takes a shower. Cato gets out and gets dressed.

Cato is having his parents watch Mira, Braden, and Reiner’s daughter Ashley. We drop our kids off at Cato’s old house and we head towards the the train. Prim, Brutus, and Enobaria are also being interviewed.

We reach the Capitol and we get off the train. Capitol people are screaming and cheering for all of us. I truly despise the way the capitol people dress. They have no idea what they look like to us. Cato can tell I’m getting angry and he places his hands on my shoulders.

He knows that I am not in the mood to play around today. I am like an exploding ticking time bomb because of what happened to my brother. We walk out of the streets and I get prim to tag along with me to pay a visit to Sara.

We reach her mansion and I scheduled a meeting with her. The peacekeepers  escort us to her office. They open the door and she is sitting at her desk facing us. She tells the peacekeepers to leave and they do as told.

“Mrs. Hazreth and Mrs. Everdeen, what can I do for you”? I then show her a picture of Callie and Johnny. “Do you know these two people”? She doesn’t say anything and that is when I get close to exploding. “This is Callie Zagton who was brutally attacked in the streets of district two and is now in critical condition. This is Johnny Kemmings who was brutally murduerd yesterday next to my house”.

“I was told yesterday about what happened and I am working on fixing the problem”. That’s when I snap. “Sara, you and me both know that their youre personal army. You sent them to get rid of my family”. Sara tries to hide pressing a button underneath her desk but I see her.

The doors burst open and prim takes out her maze and I put my hands on my knives. 6 masked people are standing in front of us. Sara is just a little backstabbing bitch. I throw 3 knifes in a matter of seconds and now its down to a fair fight. Prim hits 2 of them with her maze and they fall down to the ground.

The last one hits me in the leg with a knife and I cringe in pain, I take it out of my leg. I throw it back at the man and he falls to the ground, dead. I turn around and I wave at Sara and leave her office. I am limping because there is a huge cut in my left leg.

I walk back to the district two section of the building. Cato sees my leg and he stops the blood flow and bandages it up. I lay on the couch and rest my leg until we have to go to do Ceaser’s interview. I hate the capitol, everyday time I come here something bad happens.

We leave and head to Ceaser’s stage and we go back in the dressing rooms to change. Prim is wearing a blue dress, Enobaria is wearing a black dress, Brutus is wearing a green suit, Cato is wearing a black suit with a blue tie, and I’m wearing a red dress.

I then hear Ceaser say,” Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Clove Hazreth, Cato Hazreth, Primrose Everdeen, Brutus Gunn, and Enobaria Duncan”.  We walk out and we all take a seat on this huge couch and Ceaser starts the interview”.

“so, Prim I have heard that you have a child now”? “Yes Ceaser, I do. Her name is Ashley and I love her to death”. “Who is the father”? “Reiner Kemmings”. “clove, how do you feel about that”? “I have no problem with it all. Prim and Reiner love each other”. “Cato, what’s been up with you since the last time I saw you”?

“Been taking care of my 2 kids and this beautiful lady”. He puts emphasis on the last part and put his arm around me. The crowd awws and Ceaser continues. “Brutus and Enobaria, it has been a long time since I talked to you two. What’s going on in your lifes”? “we’ve been raising a daughter for over 20 years and helping these three out with their kids when they needed it”.

“Very interesting guys”. “So, Prim I have been told that you have a huge announcement to make”? “ Yes Ceaser, I do”. “I am Pregnant with my second child”. Ceaser then concludes the interview. We walk backstage and I change back into my regular clothes. I get up and go and find Prim.

I see her dressing room and I knock on the door. “Yes”? “hey Prim, it’s clove can we talk”? “Yeah, come on in”. She is putting on a shirt when I open the door.  I sit down on the couch and she sits beside me. Prim, do you remember what I told you before the quarter quell 6 years ago”? “Not really, my memory isn’t that good”.

I said, “Don’t be afraid to tell me anything”. “Oh yeah, I remember now”. “Then why didn’t you tell me about your 2nd pregnancy”. “It was Reiner’s idea”. I nod and I get my phone out and call my youngest sibling.

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