Chapter 18

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I wake up and Cato has his arms around me. I push his hair back and he is still asleep. I carefully climb out of bed and I take a shower. i get out and put on a t-shirt, tight jeans, and boots. I see that Cato is still asleep. He must be really tired.

I go to Mira's room and she just woke up. "Hey sweetie." "Hey mommy. She walks downstairs with me while i fix breakfast. She sits on the couch and watches television. I fix some eggs and bacon. I hand her a plate full of food.

We sit down at the dinner table and eat breakfast. Once were finished, I tell Mira to go take a bath. She nods her head. I look at the time and it is 11:45. I'm kind of confused at the moment. Cato never sleeps in this late.

I tiptoe in our room and he is still sound asleep. I leave the room not wanting to wake him. I hear Mira get out of the bathtub and she quickly runs into her room. I blush and then I clean up her mess. She walks out of her room and smiles at me.

I smile back at her and I hear Braden wake up beacsue he starts crying. I go to his room and as soon as he sees me, he stops. I pick him up out of his crib and I give hima bath. I take him downstairs and I place him in his high chair.

I get his food out of the fridge. I start feeding him his food and he just giggles at me the entire time. I set him in his playpen. I go upstairs and Cato pops from behind a corner. I fall to the ground. "Damn You." He apologizes and we head downstairs.

I fix him aplate of bacon and eggs and he eats it. he kisses me and he heads upstairs to take a shower. I hear him get out and he puts on a t-shirt, blue jeans, and shoes. I put on my favorite jacket in the world. Its black with 2 red ligtning bolts running down the sides.

I dress Braden and the 4 of us go out to the overlook. We have yet to take the kids up here so its kind of a special day for Cato and I. It takes a while to get up there but the view is worth the wait. We finally get up there and Mira's eyes widen.

She is just amazed at the view. I take her over to the edge and hold her tightly. She just looks at the entire district. Cato comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. Mira picks braden up and walks down from the overlook.

 I sit down on our rock and Cato kisses me. We walk down and we head home. I ask Enobaria and Brutus to watch Mira and Braden. Cato and I walk toward the traning center. We are aupposed to show the teens knife and sword skills.

I see my old trainer Olivia and she doesent look her age. She was 21 when I was 12. She still looks 21 even though shes 31. They kept the training center even though the games are no more. They now use it to prepare young teens for surivival.

We walk in and Olivia introduces us and then I see,Scott, Olivias husband. I take the knife throwers and Cato takes the sword wielders. I teach thim hot to hold the knife, have the correct posture, and throw it right.

After a couple of hours, Cato and I leave and we are sweating bullets. I go home and then I hear a scream come from my mom's house. I run over there and the door is wide open. I see a blood trail leading into the backyard.

My mom is laying in a pool of her own blood. "Mom, what happened?" "Callie and Scott.'' She then dies right in front of me. I didnt think that both of my parents would be murdered and that they would die right in front of me.

I start crying and I cant hold any tears back. I pick up my moms body and I bury her right next to my dad.I walk back to my house and I can see that Cato and Mira were watching me the entire time. I get into the house and I just fall to my knees and I cant stop crying.

Mira comes over and hugs me. She says," I love you mommy." That gets to me because i can never say that to my mom anymore. Cato picks me up off my feet and hugs me tightly. Mira leaves and goes upstairs.

"Im right here my love. As long as I'm here nothing bad will ever happen to you. I will always be by your side. ALWAYS." I kiss him on his lips. We break away and he wipes the tears away. I go upstairs and change into my sleep attire. 

A black tank top with white short shorts. Cato is in bed and I get in beside him. I snuggle up close to him. I put my arms around his waist and he outs his around mine. We both then fall to sleep holding each other in each others arms.


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