Chapter 43

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My eyes open and I look at my sleeping husband. He must have joined me after I fell asleep. We don't have to be at Caesar's stage till later.

I swing my legs over the side of the bed and i hear a commotion going on in the living room.

I stand on my feet and I get my balance. I open the door and Cassi is in a heated argument with Miranda Snow.

I walk out of my room and I walk behind Miranda. I pin her arms behind her back and she squeals.

"Nope, time for you to leave." I say as I lead her to the elevator. I open it up and throw her in. The elevator door shuts and Miranda is gone. Cassi smirks and I walk back and sit on the couch. I have way too much mind on my mind. The games, my family, and just about everything under the sun.

I hear a door open and I ignore it. I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders. I whip my head around and see that it's Cato. He massages my shoulders and it feels relaxing. Something I haven't been able to do in years, relax.

I then hear the voice of my stylist, Furling Captian.

"Clove, let's go, we have some things to go over." he says. I prop up to my feet and follow him into the elevator. I hug him and he hugs me back. We break away from the hug and the elevator lets us off. We travel to where the interviews will take place.

We go into a room and there is a white dress in the corner hanging up. It looks like it will come down to my ankles. There all blue, red,white, and black jewels on the sleeves and all the way down. The pride colors of District 2.

I walk over to it and run my fingers down the soft fabric of the dress. I smile at the thought of it. I usually don't like dresses but this one is fantastic, Furling really turned it up for this interview. I turn to him and smile.

"This may be your best design ever." I tell him. He grins and walks up to me and pulls my hair out of it's braid. He adjusts my hair and puts it in a beautiful bun atop my head. I slip my clothes off and put them in a bag. I've been bare so many times in front of Furling, it doesn't bother me anymore.

I slip the dress over my head and it fits perfectly. The gemstones glitter off the dress. I sit downand Furling puts a pair of white heels on my feet. I stand up and walk around and I feel comfortable. I kiss him on the cheek and he kisses me back on the forehead.

"Go out there and kill it." he says as  he grins. I give him a smile and we are escorted into a line. I stand beside Cato and Ceasear interviews Gloss and Briar. There no competition even though there both victors.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the girl with the knives, Clove Hazreth!!" Ceasar exclaims. I walk onto the stage to a ovation. Stupid, Capitol people. I walk up to Ceaser and he takes my hand. I sit down in the chair next to him. He quiets the crowd.

"Clove, it's nice to see you again. What do you think of the Renegade games? all victors being reaped?" He asks with that tone he always resembles.

"To be Honest, I think it was the dumbest idea ever. We have quells for a reason." I respond in a little bit of anger. The crowd laughs and I flash a grin for a few seconds.

"I think we were all took back at the tribute parade the other day. The masks and everything. Would you like to explain that?" He asks.

"Sure, no problem. That was a message to the other tributes/victors that we weren't going to be taking lightly. We are the most decorated victors in these games. PERIOD." I say with a lot of confidence in my voice. The crowd applauds again.

"One last question for you. It's about your older sister Julianna. She was here 2 weeks ago. She told me that she calls you little sissy and that she supports you in whatever actions you take. Any response?" A tear escapes my eye and I quickly wipe it away.

"Um, sorry that just touched my heart. Yeah, she does call me that quite often. I know she supports me in whatever I do, so that means a lot. Thank You Julianna, I love you." I then stand up and twirl a couple of times and I feel smoke rise above me. The dress is burning away and then the smoke clears.

I raise my arms and I look up on the screen. The white has turned to black and there is a huge 2 on the front of the dress. The jewels have turned to sparking diamonds that are a gloss red color. I look at Caesar and he is shocked.

"Woah! what a transformation! Ladies and Gentleman, Clove Hazreth!" He shouts raising my arm. I nod and I go offstage as I pass Cato.

He does his interview and it's mostly about me and his family. When his ends, I go back into the room where my stylist/father figure is. I walk in and see him laid out on the floor. I run over to him and I turn him over. He has a bullet wound on his shoulder. I run over and grab my tank top and force it onto the bloody wound.

A medic opens the door and sees me there. He leans behind side and nods. I watch as he ties a shirt around his shoulder. Furling is somehow alive. He was blindsided by a gunman. My face gets red and I go back up to the floor. I put on a black tank top, black cargo pants, and combat boots. I strap my double bladed knife to my side.

I walk back onto the elevator and I look around the interview building. I see a girl who has a mask on and a gun strapped to her side. It looks like... MIRANDA. I charge at her and tackle her to the ground. I pin her arms down with my boots. I rip the mask off.

"How stupid do you think I am? That I wouldn't find out who attacked Furling." I say. I take out my knife and press the long double blade to her neck. She spits in my face and I take it and raise it above my head. I bring it down and plunge it into her abdomen. I rip it out hard. I flip it over and do the same thing.

"Bye Bye Miranda.." I whisper as I plunge it into her abdomen once more, killing her. I stand up with blood all over the knife and all over my hands. I turn around and see Cato and Cassi. I drop to my knees and I black out from shock.

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