Chapter 3

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We arrive at President Snow's mansion. There is a banner that says, "Welcome Clove and Cato." We walk in the mansion and I notice my prep team. beside them is my stylist. I hug them and then I notice Brutus and Enobaria talking. Cato and I walk up to them. They say hi to us and there acting really weird.

I'm about to go get a drink and then a peacekeeper steps in front of me. "Somebody needs to talk to you. follow me ms. Kemmings." I walk behind him and he leads me to an office. I walk in and the peacekeeper shuts the door behind me. "hello, Ms. kemmings. take a seat", president snow says.

I take a seat and he sits behind his desk. "You know you don't plan on lying now do you?" "Of course not. why would i do that, raising my voice. " So, my problem with you ms. kemmings started when you tried to kill cato and yourself. I dont think youre representing the district well by your actions."

I'm getting madder and madder. Okay so my little stunt caused one rebellion in district 12. I couldnt even think about killing Cato. he is the love of my life. I would never hurt him. You dont think im representing my district well? I dont care what you think because youre wrong. My entire district is proud of me."

"Clove, You need to calm down. Anyway, I know about you trying to kill Enobaria after the games. Yeah but one rebellion leads to more rebellions and that leads to an uprising Clove. trust me, you dont want an uprising on your hands."

I have had enough. I get up on the desk and pull out my throwing knife. "You say one more bad thing about my family, cato, or me i swear i will kill you right now. How bout, I just do it right now. I look back and the peacekeeper has left. I turn my attention back to Snow.

I get ready to throw it at his head. But, before I can throw my knife i am swept off my feet and forced to the floor. My arms are put behind my back. I feel a pair of handcuffs being applied to my wrists. I am picked up off my feet and led outside.

I turn around and Cato is in front of me. I'm madder than hell. "LET ME OUT!" He takes the cuffs off but he just cuffs me with my arms in front of me. I finally calm down and he uncuffs me. We walk back in but everyone has left.

We get back on the train and head back towards district 2. I know Enobaia is going to flip. The train just stops before we get on the capitol. The lights go out and then I'm in an empty field. then i am surrounded by 5 tall girls.

"You think youre going to get away with trying to kill snow. Thank again", they say. I am then being kicked in the stomach over and over again. I see one with what looks like a lead pipe. then i see it crash over my head before i pass out.

I wake up and im in the distrct 2 hospital. Cato is beside me sleeping. My mom and dad are sleeping on the other set of chairs. hazel and Johnny walk in with drinks and they see me wake. "CLOVE!" They wake everybody up. My mom is crying and she says,"Thank god youre awake. i thought i had lost you. I then look at my right wrist. It is handcuffed to the bed pole.

Cato uncuffs my wrist and says," You were thrashing around so i cuffed your wrist." I feel 2 layers of bandages on my head. Hazel then starts speaking. Sis, you have a severe concussion from the pipe shot. The doctors said you were lucky to be alive.

My voice is really soft. " I think Snow sent those girls to try to kill me." cato then pulls my hair back behind my ear. "They tried to kill me too. But, I killed them easily." "You can go home today but youre being confined to bed rest", my dad says. I then ask," Can Cato stay over then? I get nightmares without him. Why do you think i dont get myuch sleep." My mom agrees and i hug Cato and then my family helps me up and leads me out of the hospital.

We arrive at my house and cato carries me in his arms up the stairs. he lays me down on my bed. He then lays beside me and kisses my cheek. He then says, " I'm so sorry that this happened. I feel like its my fault. You are never leaving my side again."

I manage to say," Its my anger problems that caused this. Dont blame yourself Cato." My knifes are stored under my bed in a box. "cato, can you get my throwing knife from underneath my bed." he gets it and i start looking it over. It looks so shiny and amazing. I keep all my knives in top shape. cato does the same wit his swords.

I put it in my drawer with all my other favorite things. My first kiss with Cato, me as a baby in johnnys arms, hazel in my arm's, and my favorite knives. I Cato just lays there and I lean toward him and kiss him on his lips. We let go and he massages my shoulders. I swear he is the best boyfriend ever. Ever since The Hunger Games, we have gotten much more serious anout our realationship.

He then takes a black box out of his pocket and says," Clove Kemmings Will you marry me?"

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