Chapter 32

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Cassi POV

My eyes open and I see the light shining through the window. I crawl out of bed and there are clothes on the dresser. It is a purple wetsuit with a silver chest. I see boots that are waterproof and I get out of my sleep clothes. I put on the wetsuit and slip on the boots. I hear a knock on my door and I put Clove's necklace that she gave me on the bed.

"Cassi, you ready?" Clove says.

"Yeah." I open the door and she takes a quick look at me. 

"turn around." I do as she says. She puts my hair in a single braid and I turn back around. She hugs me and whispers in my ear.

"Stay Alive and Be Safe." We pull out of the hug and she walks me over to the elevator and we go down all the way. The door opens and I see peacekeepers and a hovercraft. Clove kisses me on my cheek and I walk towards the hovercraft.

The peacekeeeper helps me in and I sit beside James. We dont talk at all, we just sit there. A lady comes in and tells the other tributes to give her their arm. She gets to em and she takes my arm and injects something in my arm. I'm guessing it's my tracker. 

The hovercraft lifts off and flys to a unknown location. The hovercraft lands and 2 peacekeeprs escort me to a room which I'm guessing is right below the arena. They open the door and I see Furling Captain standing there. The peacekeepers close the door and I walk up to Furling and I hug him.

He grabs a locket and snaps it around my arm. This is your ally token. The rest of your allies have them too. All of a sudden, a women's voice enters the room.

"30 seconds." I look at the tube and I walk over towards it. Furling blows me a good luck kiss. I step in the tube and the glass encloses me. It starts moving up and I shut my eyes and hope for the best. The tube surfaces and the glass falls and I'm standing on a podium in the middle of an ocean.

I see the cornucopia sitting 50 yards in front of us. I hear a countdown start to begin.

"20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 , 2 ,1,0. A horn sounds and Cladius Templesmith's voice booms over all of us. 

"Let the 80th Annual Hunger Games Begin!!"

I jump off the podium and into the water. I swim as fast as I can towards the cornucopia. I see a vest and an array of knives right beside it. I finally get to them and I grab them as quick as I can. I scan the area around me and see a tribute with a sword aiming it at me. 

The sword almost reaches my throat before he falls down into the water dead. I see James behind him with a sword in his hands. I see Alexis and Zozane swimming towards us. Everybody else has sped off in different directions.

"Let's get to the island and find our camp." Zozane says. We all nod our heads in agreement and we swim towards the Island shore. We reach the shore and James pulls me up on the shore. We walk deep into the forrest and find a spot that is well hidden from everything else. 

"How about here?" Alexis says."

"It's a great spot." I say kinda not trusting my voice.

I sit down and then the infamous boom of the cannon. 

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. 10 blasts. I sit down on the ground and I am picked up and thrown halfway across the site. I land on my side hard. I look up and I see Coast Westfield. The guy from District 12, that got the highest training score in history, along with Clove. 

He then does something that shocks me. He extends his hand and helps me up. I stand up and brush the dirt off my wetsuit. 

'Sorry about that, I didnt know that was you." He says. He rolls up his arm sleeve and it reveals the gold locket. I'm on your side." Coast says pulling his sleeve back down.

"Who gave you that?" I ask wondering."

"Your mentor, Clove. She approached me after the interview." He says as I can't help but smirk.

"Guys, we have company. The gamemakers have already started playing tricks." I turn and see huge gator mutts. 

"Oh My God!" I take out a couple of knives and hurl them in the direction of the mutts. They hit them in the eyes. Zozane and Coast drive their Spears into the gator's backs, killing them. They pull their spears out of the gator's body's.

"That was a close one." I say as James hands me back the knifes. The sun begins to fade away and the moon replaces it. 

"Two of us should keep watch while the other 3 get some rest. We will switch off. Me and Coast will go first." Alexis says. 

Zozane lays next to a tree and falls asleep. I lay down i=between two trees and I feel James beside me.  He kisses me on my cheek and he shuts my eyes for me. I fall asleep soon after that. 


So, what did you guys think?? The first chapter in Cassi's POV! What do you think will hapopen next? Comment your suggestions! Thanks, and May the odds be ever in your favor!" ~Flame 

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