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Today was the day, we have to meet with my dad. I don't know what to expect from this, I'm just hoping the outcome is good. Between me and my brother I'm definitely the most forgiving. Yeah, Kylee is aware of what's going on but I feel like she isn't fully affected by it. Junior witnessed pops doing drugs and I found him overdosed. I still have nightmares, I get there too late and I just beg and beg god to give me another chance and he does but I still get there too late.

I'm just glad that wasn't the reality of all of this. I'm glad my mom still cared enough to force him into a rehab. As much as my brother doesn't want it, I kind of want my parents back together. I've never seen two people who are meant for each other. Yes my dad messed up and I heard he did this before I was born but now he knows better.

Maybe they just need time apart to figure things out.

We pulled up to the facility. I could see my bother getting uneasy. He started shifting his seat, constantly running his hands down his jeans. The truck came to halt and we all climbed out then headed inside.

"Hello, How my I help you?" The lady at the front desk asked. I expected Chris to speak up but he kept his head in his phone.

"Uuuh, we're here to see our dad Christopher Brown Sr."

"Okay, have a seat in the lobby I'll call him for you."

Kylee and I took a seat. Junior paced the floor. A few minutes go by then we heard double doors open. My dad came walking towards us, he looked nervous too but kept a big smile on his face.

"You guys came, thank you." He said.

We all gave him a quick grin. He looked healthier, that's a good thing.

He went to hug Kylee, then we did our handshake. He got ready to turn to Junior but he was already standing by the double doors waiting with an annoyed look on his face.

My dad sighed then we made our way over to the same area. Once we got behind those doors, we started down this long hallway. It looked like a hospital in here.

Well I guess this is sorta like one.

We got to the last door in the hallway and my dad pulled out a set of keys and unlocked it and we headed in.

It was nice for a rehab facility. I'm sure this place is expensive as hell. The other people out there look like they're rich as hell just like my dad.

"So you're allowed to have a TV in rehab? I thought they didn't allow that, you could see something that'll cause you to wanna relapse." Junior said.

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