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Christopher Jr.

Tonight my parents and Aliyah's parents are finally meeting, before our big day tomorrow. Aliyah's mom wasn't too happy about my mom just planning a gender reveal without including anybody. I tried to explain to her that there weren't any ill intentions behind what she did.

So Aliyah suggested they got to know each other. I come from a different type of household then her. She's your regular girl next door while I'm an heir to an entire empire.

Her mom, I love her but she's ghetto as fuck. I don't think my mom is bougie but shes most definitely going to look at Aliyah's mom sideways. And I'm sure Aliyah's mom will feel some type of way about my mom. A lot of women are intimidated by her. Yeah I'm bragging. My OG in her 40's constantly gets mistaken for my sister and she's worth 100 million.

Then there's my dad. Men don't really go through the shit women do so I'm really not worried about our fathers clashing.

I wanted to have this dinner at a restaurant, if they're in public, they'll act more civilized. But my nana offered to cook, so everyone will meet at my moms.

I just want tonight to go as smooth as possible, but I think that might not be the case.

I sat on the end of my moms bed with my dad, watching her put on her jewelry. "Ma, take the Patek off."

She looked back at me confused. "Why?"

"It's too flashy."

"It goes with my outfit though." She had on a white shirt and white jeans with her OFF-WHITE vapormax. Crazy thing is my dad basically had on the same thing but he had on blue jeans.

"Did y'all plan on dressing alike?" I asked.

"I was dressed first so your mom copied." My dad answered. "And why you ain't telling me to take off my jewelry?" He lifted his wrist then pulled on the diamond chains around his neck.

"Both of y'all need to take your jewelry off. I don't want to come off as having flashy parents."

"Shit, I didn't drop almost 400,000 on this watch just for it to sit in a box." My mom said.

"Why do y'all have to have on basically a million dollars worth of jewelry? It's unnecessary."

"But when I bought your Patek or your 100,000 dollar car, or spending thousands and thousands dollars on your clothes, it isn't unnecessary." Dad said.

I groaned while rubbing my hand over my face.

"You want us to change who we are just to impress her parents. That ain't cool." My mom added.

"I'm not trying to change y'all it's just that, I want them to know that even though you're filthy rich, we're still normal people."

"Well ima be normal as hell, with my 400,000 dollar watch on." My mom walked out of the room.

"Taking off jewelry isn't what makes us normal. I've met some of the riches people that own not one piece of jewelry but got the worst personalities, they still think they're better than the next man. Me and your mom have had money for years and we have never turned our nose up at somebody less fortunate. I most definitely won't because I've been in their position before. If her parents judge us based on a watch or a necklace or the way we live, then they don't need to know us. Simple as that." With that he got up and made his way out the room too.

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