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"Didn't I say no!" I smacked the glass out of his hand. What the hell is wrong with him. He's tried to pressure me into drinking before. The crazy thing is he knows about my issue. "I think I'm gonna go." I climbed out of my seat.

"I was just trying to help."

"How? You know I've had problems with alcoholism. Why would you suggest drinking as a way of helping me?"

He shrugged. "Because it does help." He took a sip out of the bottle.

"Yeah, I'm leaving. I just lost my father, I'm not about to deal with your nonsense."

"Let me guess your gonna go running back to Chris huh?"

"Goodbye Eric."

"I'm your man, you're supposed to come to me when you need a shoulder to cry on not your crackhead ass baby daddy."

He wasn't going to get a response out of me. I walked to the door and opened it but he slammed it back close. Grabbing my arm, he turned me to face him. "Why you wanna leave so soon baby?"

"Because I need to get the Fuck away from your crazy ass! What the hell is your problem?!"

"Chris is my problem! I'm sick of you putting him before me."

"I'm not about to deal with this Eric. I have to bury my dad and this is what you wanna do?!"

"Hell yeah. I want you to leave Chris alone."

"I need to leave you alone as well. Can you let my arm go?"

"Tell me you'll leave him alone and I'll let you go."

"How am I supposed to leave the father of my children alone?!"

"Carlee you deal with him for other reasons besides your kids. Why jump into another relationship when you're still in love with him?"

"Oh my god."

"You can't even deny it because you know you're still in love with him."

"Well if you know this then leave me alone! I haven't even been divorced from him an entire year, I was married to him for almost 18 fucking years! How do you expect me to just move on from that? It doesn't happen overnight."

"So did you expect me to just sit around and wait for you to be finally able to love someone else?"

"No but I hoped you'd understand."

"You'll never be able to move on though cause you're always in that motherfuckas face."

"Uuugggh! Just let me go."


"This is fucking insane!"

"Alright, answer this question for me and I'll have no problem letting you go."

"What now?"

"Did you fuck him?"

My fucking heart dropped to my knees. "What?"

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