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Christopher Junior A Couple Weeks Later

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Christopher Junior
A Couple Weeks Later

I sat in my dad's little apartment or room or whatever you wanna call it. We just finished one of our sessions and I wasn't in the rush to get back home so I decided to chill with him for a while.

He ordered us some food and we just been in here chilling.

The therapy sessions for us has really been working obviously. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting my dad back. He's more focused, peaceful, the man that I always looked up to.

"So how's the baby doing?" My dad asked.

"Good, we find out what we're having next week, mom planned us a gender reveal around the time of Carters prom and graduation so you'll be able to find out."

He nodded. "I can't believe you made me a grandfather and I'm still this young."

"Dad you're almost 50."

"I had you when your grandmother was in her 60's."

"If things would've went the way I planned you would've been close to 60 when I had my first child but things happen, you know."

"Yeah they do. Life sometimes never goes the way we plan it."

"I noticed."

"That's a good thing at times, you may get a better result when life takes its own turn."

"Yeah. I'm excited about being a dad. I do have my moments when I might get nervous but that's only when I'm over thinking about something."

"Like your mom told me when she was pregnant with you, there's no handbook to parenting, it's something new everyday. I mean it's nice to get advice and help but with parenting everyone has a different path. The worst people are the ones that think they know it all, I hated that shit."

"I'm just lucky that I got my parents and grandparents to help me along the way."


"I know you're ready to get out of here."

"Yeah, one month down, 5 more to go."

"So once you're finished what are you gonna do? Are you going back to the company?"

"I don't know, I want to focus on staying on the right path. First thing first is moving, I can't be in that house. With my company I'm just at the point of selling it. My name is tarnished, nobody wants to work with me after all of this happened and I don't blame them so it's just best if I let it go. With the clothing line, my biggest dream was to teach you and your brother how to run things and give it all to you but I know that's not something you or your brother wants to do."

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