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Walking into my moms room, I jumped on her bed and laid next to her. She was looking at her phone and I just stared at her until she gave me her undivided attention.

"What's up little girl?" She said but never looked at me.

"Soooo you know my 13th birthday is coming up."

"It is?" She made a confused face before smiling. "Yes I know."

"Well I planned out my entire day and my party."

She looked at me with her eyebrows raised. "An entire day and a party?" She sat up.

"Yeah, I'm becoming a teenager mom, I think I should get whatever I want, right?"

"I don't know about all of that but we can work something out."

"So I want a huge party with all my friends somewhere in downtown LA. But the day before I want you to take us to get pampered and shopping."

"Why do you need a huge party when you turn 13?"

"Everybody has a huge party."

"No everybody doesn't. Your brothers didn't have one, what makes you think you're entitled to one?"

"All is my friends are having parties and if I don't have one, that's going to make me some lame."

My mom shook her head. "Lead your own life Kylee

"There's something else that I have to have." I pulled out my phone and unlocked it. Then passed it to my mom.

She looked at what was on there then up at me and laughed. "Are you crazy?"


"Kylee you are not getting a damn Benz for your birthday."

"Why not?!"

"Because you're only 13 and because I said you're not."

"Ma, I have an image to uphold, I already told all of my friends that I would be getting a car for my birthday and you're really going to sit here and make me look like a liar."

"Nobody told your ass to go and tell them that so you looking like a liar is all on you. You need to come down on this high horse. Just because you're turning 13 does not mean shit. You can't even drive and you think I'm going to buy you 60,000 dollar car. Even if you could drive you I still wouldn't."

"This is so unfair."

"Life is unfair. I'm dealing with enough crap Kylee, I'm not about to deal with you being a spoiled brat."

"Ugh!" I slammed my fist into her bed.

"Kylee you got 10 seconds go get the hell out of my face before I seriously hurt you. Go in your room and stay there."

I climbed off the bed and stormed out the room, slamming the door.


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