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Christopher Sr

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Christopher Sr.
A Week Later

I'm finally able to escape this place for a whole week! My son is going to prom and graduating, my oldest is finding out the gender of his baby. I'm excited.

The crazy part though is, I have to stay with Carlee and I'm being put on an ankle monitor. I can't be 1,000 feet away from her house after 10pm unless she calls for permission.

This is about to be probably extremely awkward for the both of us. I'm not ready to see her smiling and happy and it's not because of me. This whole letting her go thing is the hardest shit to do but I keep reminding myself that I have to. When Junior told me about her meeting someone, my heart sank. I tried my hardest to save face but my feelings got the best of me. I had to change the subject before my son saw my cry over his mother.


Tossing the last thing into my suitcase, I zipped it up. As soon as I got ready to relax, the phone in my room rang.

"Hello." I answered.

"Mr. Brown, your ride is here." The receptionist informed me.

"Okay, thank you."

Grabbing my things, I headed out. I would say I'm free but the bracelet proves otherwise. Opening the backdoor, I thought I would be seeing Carlee but there was no one. Sighing, I climbed in and shut the door. Relaxing in my seat I closed my eyes.

I guess I'll get some rest and enjoy this hour long ride.

At Carlee's

The truck coming to a halt caused me to jump out of my sleep. I looked around to see where I was, once I was fully woke, I got out of the car. Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the door. Before I could knock the door pulled back and my mom appeared.

"Hi sweetie." She said while pulling me into a hug.

"Hey ma."

"I'm so glad you're here."

"Me too." I walked into the house and put my bag down. "Where's everyone?"

"Kylee is in school, Junior had class and Carter went to pick up his tux."

"And Carlee?"

"I don't know, I think she mentioned something about brunch, I'm not sure."

I know she's trying to spare my feelings. "She's on a date?"

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