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Christopher Sr.
A Week Later

"So how was the trip back home?" Dr. Richards asked.

Sighing, I looked up at him. "Frustrating."

His eyes grew. "That wasn't the answer I was expecting. Why frustrating?"

"It started off good. Carlee and I talked and it felt like we would actually work on our friendship then eventually things got a lot better. I mean she had her moment, she spazzed out but I understood why and one then thing led to another."

"You two became intimate?"

I nodded. "But like I feared she regretted it the next morning. After that she made everything frustrating. One minute she wants me, the next she hates me. I was just ready to get out of there."

"Wo-." He was cut off by his office phone ringing. He got up answered. "Dr. Richards....oh!....I'll be right up." Hanging up the phone he looked at me. "I'll be right back."

I nodded and he left out. Exhaling I ran my hands over my pants. I didn't want to do this today honestly. I'd rather sit in my room and use up my two hours out TV or catch up on emails. It's been a long week and I really don't want to deal with anybody.

The sound of the door opening again caused me turn around and when I saw who was behind him I groaned and sat back.

"Thank you for joining us Carlee." Dr. Richards said as he motioned for her to sit next to me. I looked over at her, my eyes roamed over the tiny dress she had on then I laughed while my top teeth captured my bottom lip.

"Something funny?" She asked.

"You." I answered.

"All I did was sit down, where's the joke?"

"I know why you here."

"Yeah so your therapist can stop calling me. Can we get this started? I have other engagements."

Rude ass. I see where the kids get it from.

Dr. Richards nodded. "So I asked Chris about his time back with his family and he mentioned to me that it was frustrating."

Carlee shrugged. "I don't know why he would feel that way."

"You know why." I said.

"I'm talking to him, not you."

I leaned up. "You a little cranky today, Eric ain't giving you none?"

"Worry about finishing your program, not my sex life."

"I'm not about to do this shit with her. You need to enroll in a program too you fucking alcoholic."

"Says the crackhead."

"Woah woah, okay. Let's relax everybody."

"I'm not about to deal with this bitch." I said.

"Don't call me no fucking bitch!" Carlee pushed me causing me to grab her arm and pulling her to me.

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