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Christopher Sr.
A Week Later

Walking into my house I dropped my keys into the bowl by the door then headed to the living room. Exhaling, I sat down on the couch and pulled my hat off of my head. I had to meet with my lawyer today about Carter's case. We had got the hearing postponed until we got all sides of the story. The precent is giving us the run around with the dash cam and that's just making me believe more and more that Carter is innocent.

But if we don't have those tapes in two weeks, we're screwed.

I can't let my son be found guilty and possibly do jail time for something he did not do.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out. Carlee's picture flashed across the screen. Rolling my eyes, I sat the phone on the couch. I was not in the mood for whatever she got going on. Things haven't went back to normal since she's apologized. I'm still feeling some type of way about this whole situation, so I just stay to myself. I don't feel comfortable loving up on her or being up under her and there's a possibility she's not carrying my child.

It's just weird to me.

The results will be back in a few days but I need answers now.

Once the phone stopped ringing, it started right back up. I didn't even look at it when I answered. "Hello."

"Hey." Her light voice filled my ears.


"I thought you were coming here after meeting the lawyer."

"I was but I needed a nap so I just came to my place."


"Everything good?" I asked.

"Yeah, I haven't heard from you since last night. Just wanted to make sure everything was okay."

"Well the precent hasn't turned over any tapes yet so it's still Carter's word against theirs and you know that no one is going to believe him unless we have solid proof." I sighed. "I just don't want my son in jail, especially if he's innocent."

"This is so crazy. What do we do if we never get the tapes? We can't just walk away."

"I'm trying to figure that out now. If I have to go down to that precent myself, I will."

"My baby is innocent. I know he is."

"Everything is going to be okay."


It got silent again then I heard her doorbell rang. You could hear her feet shuffling across the floor then the door opened.

"Package for Miss Carlee Rodgers." A man said.

"That's me."

A few seconds went by then she let out a shaky breath. "Oh my god." She said.

"What's wrong?"

"The results are back. I thought we still had more time."

"Yeah but the earlier we get them the faster we can get this over with, right?"

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