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4 Months Later

I impatiently waited for Chris to finish packing his room, he's finished with his program and I'm the one that has to sign him out since I'm the one that signed him in. After our first session with Dr. Richards, things have been better. I'm learning to move on and we're learning to build our friendship. And when I say friendship it's strictly that.

We haven't had sex since that night, constantly sleeping with Chris and then smiling in Eric's face was killing me. Chris and I both decided that being together isn't what we need. I can't trust him and he knows that'll cause more problems.

He's slowly becoming my best friend though.

It's better and easier this way.

The sound of the double doors opening caught my attention and he walked out. He looked amazing! I don't see how I didn't notice his looks changing until he became healthier. I see we both didn't pay attention to each other as much as we thought we did.

"Wassup." He said wrapping an arm around me.

"Hello." I kissed his cheek. "All set?"

"Yes I am."

"Okay, let's go." We headed out to the truck. He placed his bags in the back then took the keys from me, opened the passenger door for then climbed in the driver seat. "You're a free man, what are you going to do first?" I asked.

"Go grocery shopping and furniture shopping for my place."

Chris wanted to sell his house but I managed to talk him out of it. I know it holds some bad memories for him but buying a new house isn't going to make them go away. So I offered to help him redecorate. The boys and I cleared and cleaned that place from top to bottom. He wouldn't let me pick out the furniture on my own though. I don't know why because the house we had together, which is my current house is lit.

"How about we go to the furniture store first then head to the grocery store?" I suggested.

"Cool and you can cook me a welcome home dinner."

I looked at him like he was crazy. "Um no, now that you're out of rehab you can start dating and get you a boo that can cook."

"I'm not worried about dating right now, I got other shit on my plate."

"Like what?"

"Selling this advertisement company. I'm turning the clothing line over to the boys."

"I mean your ex-wife is amazing at advertising, you could just give it to her." I said while nudging him.

"Give it?" He laughed. "You sound crazy."

"Oh that's how you feel?"

"I'm kidding, I just thought that you found something since you haven't talked about it in a while."

"I've just been distracted with other things, I'm kind of enjoying not being all stressed about work, meeting deadlines and all that shit."


"It's time to start enjoying life because once it's over, it's over."

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