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Christopher Sr

"Can I help you sir?" A nurse asked as we walked up to the desk.

"Who's in charge around here?" I asked.

"I am."

"Okay so quick question. Does the father have the authority to say who can and can't be in the delivery room?"

"No, that's the mother's decision, especially if they aren't married."

"Well one of your nurses had me and my children removed from a room because the so-called father requested it and him and the child's mother aren't married."

"What's the mother's name?" She moved over to a computer.

"Carlee Rodgers."

She typed in what I gave her, then got up from her seat. "You three can follow me."

We made our way down the hall to Carlee's room. When we walked inside Carlee smiled and Eric sunk down in his seat. I walked over to look at the baby.

Yeah, she's definitely mine.

"So you thought what you did was funny huh?" I asked Eric.

"I don't know what you talking about." He answered.

"Bitch stop lying! What you do to the tests huh? You obviously got people around here you paying off or something. You know damn well that's not your kid. Do you see all the kids I create?! They look just like me you dumb ass nigga!"

He didn't say anything, just looked up at me.

"So go ahead and tell everybody, tell them how you manipulated that DNA test. Ain't no point in lying no more cause you know damn well that's not your child and that's why you sitting here looking stupid as fuck." I said.

His jaw clenched.

"Speak the fuck up nigga!" I was pissed man.

Eric took a deep breath. "Carlee's OB was my mentor back in school. I have access to hospital records so when I found out that she was her doctor and saw the test was processing, I asked her to send me the results when they came in."

"She had no right to do that." Carlee said.

"Well for the right price people will do anything. She sent me the results and all it took was a little photoshop to make it look like I was the father. I didn't expect the baby to come out looking like your daughter and once I saw that, I realized that what I tried to do was about to fall apart."

"You pathetic man." I said. "What was the point of all this? What was you gone gain outta faking a DNA test?"

"I knew how bad Carlee wanted the baby to be yours. I thought the baby not being yours would ruin what you guys have. I was wrong."

"Dad, I don't even know why you letting this fool sit here and explain himself." Carter said.

"Sir, please collect your things and follow me." The nurse in charge told him.

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