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Tonight was a banquet honoring a few people in the advertising business, my brother included. Chris and I were invited a while ago and we both planned on attending but I'll be riding solo this time around.

I'm excited about getting out the house though. Seems like all I've been doing is building my clientele for this business and getting Carter ready for prom and his graduation. He talked to me about his dad coming. I'm not going to deny him that so I talked to his facility. He's allowed to come but he has to wear a monitor and I'm responsible for him. This is what I get for putting my name down on that paper.

Sitting at my vanity I started on my makeup. I really wish I had a date but oh well.

The door opened and Junior came in and sat next to me.

"Why you put all this stuff on yo face? You don't need this." He said.

"Thank you baby but sometimes a girl just wants to feel even prettier."

"So you going alone tonight?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

"If dad wasn't in rehab would you be going with him?"

I looked up at him because I knew where he was going with that question. "We were invited before our divorce was final. We probably would have sat together but arrived separately."

He nodded.

"You guys never told me about the therapy session. How did that go?" I asked.

"It started off rocky but eventually things got better. His therapist wants me to come alone because it seems that my relationship with dad is tarnished the most. I spazzed out, I'm not proud of that."

"Junior, have you been taking your medicine? You've been spazzing out on everybody." When Junior was 12 we found out he was bipolar like his dad. We kept it under control because I made him take his medicine but he's grown now and I can't make him take it like I used to. I hated giving him that pill though. It made my baby turn into a zombie. I know for a while, he tried smoking to keep him calm last year but I don't think that's helping anymore.

"I don't like the way that medicine makes me feel. I can control my own emotions, I don't need that."

Not responding to what he said, I continued with my makeup.

"Where is Kylee and Carter?" He asked.

"I think Carter said they went to grab some food, they should be back any minute now."

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