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CarleeOne Month Later

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One Month Later

Today is my birthday and no I am not excited. Over the last month, I have been locked in my room. I'm fat, I'm tired, I'm sad, I miss my damn son, the list goes on and on.

I'm trying to keep these last few weeks of pregnancy, stress free. I'm still shocked that I wasn't hospitalized or had a damn miscarriage with all the craziness that has happened.

Thank god, every thing with the baby has been okay. I probably would've lost my mind if anything did happen.

Eric is still trying to force himself in my life. He popped up at my appointment last week. Junior really beat his ass! He still has bruises over his face and a blood vessel burst in his eye. I guess that wasn't enough though. So I called Junior up to my doctors office. When Eric saw him, he decided to keep his distance.

Chris and I are okay. We aren't what I want us to be but he's still there for me. He's been a little distracted lately. My gut feeling is that someone has his attention but I don't want to over think it. But if he is dating someone, I have no choice but to accept it.

Things will be perfect if I was smarter with my decision making but whatever. I can't keep beating myself up about that.

Can't keep beating up other people for what they've done either.

"Carlee." Speaking of Chris.

Climbing out of bed, I hurried downstairs. When I got to the door a huge smile peeled of my face. He stood there with a bunch of pink and gold balloons and a few gifts bags.

"All of this for me?" I said while walking up to him.

"Yes. Happy birthday beautiful." He kissed my forehead then handed me a bouquet of flowers.

"Thank you baby."

"Want to look at your gifts?"


He grabbed the bags and we headed to the family room. I sat on the couch and he placed everything in front of me. Then he took a seat next to me.

I grabbed the Chanel bag first of course.

After looking through everything, I was ready to cry. He had all of my favorite things. He's the reason I act like a brat! This man has spoiled me, even when I told him not to.

"Thank you so much Chris. I really didn't expect any of this."

"You know I got you, always."

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