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Sitting on the hood of my car, I looked out at the water in front of me, while smoking on a cigarette. Shit has been great ever since Carlee's birthday. Everybody's walking around with a smile on their faces. Me and Carlee are good. The boys and I have managed to put together a nursery in a couple days because she can go into labor any day now.

I know people may think I'm crazy for doing all this for a child that isn't mine. But at the end of the day, I love Carlee more than anything so I have no problem treating this child like my own. The baby is innocent in all of this. There's no reason to be heartless.

Even though everything is good with my family, there's still one thing that I need to do.

A black Maserati pulled up next to me, the engine died and the car door opened. I stood up from my hood and turned to face Eric. He didn't look too happy to see me. I text him from Carlee's phone while she was sleep.

We got to get some shit straight, once and for all.

"Man what you doing here?" He asked.

"Me and you need to talk. I'm not here on no bullshit, my son did enough damage."

He sighed then walked closer to me. "What?"

"I want to talk to you about my fiancé."


"Yes, you heard right."

He laughed. "Man that lady really ain't shit."

"Word of advice, don't disrespect her in front of me. I'm worse than my son."

"Why should I show her any respect? She cheated on me, lied to me, sent her son to fight me, had me caught up in a paternity scandal with you like we're on a episode of Maury. And now you're here. Tell me Chris, why do I owe you anything?"

"Carlee is an amazing woman that was just torn between what she thought she wanted and what she really wanted. She never wanted to step out on your relationship but she did and she apologized for it. But don't sit up here and play innocent. My son told me about the Bitch that you have and been had. Carlee felt guilty every single time something happened between us and she tried to make it right, but look the heart wants what the heart wants and that's why I'm still here."

"Well Chris you got her, she's all yours. So why you in my face?"

"Because you two have a child together and I need you recognize that just because you are the father of this child, you don't run anything that Carlee Rodgers do. She told me about the doctors appointment you crashed and she had to call my son. Keep your hands to your self, the only time you open your mouth is when it comes to your child. Keep my name out of your fucking mouth. And let's make this whole situation the easy for Carlee. Alright?"

He sighed. "Whatever man."

"Eric, I'm trying to be mature right now. It's taking everything in me to not finish what Junior started. Don't be a jackass to my fiancé because you in yo fucking feelings about what happened. That's all I'm asking."

"As long as you don't overstep your boundaries with my child we'll be all good. You're just the step father, remember that."

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