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Christopher Jr

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Christopher Jr.

Laying across the foot of my moms bed, I watched as the credits from a movie rolled across they screen. Nobody had plans so we decided to have a movie night. We used to do this when I was younger, get a bunch of snacks, everybody have on their pajamas, and we all got to choose a movie. Once it was over my dad would kick us all out so that him and my mom could be nasty.

Everything changed, 7 years ago. It ended up just being us and our mom. Our dad would promise that he'd be there but always showed up at the end. Then eventually everything just stopped. I miss those days.

"Okay Kylee, it's your turn to pick a movie." My mom said.

"And don't pick no baby or girlie shi- crap." Carter said causing me to laugh.

"She can pick whatever she wants and watch your mouth." My mom popped him.

"I didn't even say it."

"Too close."

"My bad."

She shook her head. "While she's looking for that, I wanna talk to you guys about the counseling session with your dad. How are you feeling about doing that?"

Nobody rushed to answer.

"I wanna hear what he gotta say." Carter finally spoke up. "But at the same time I'm thinking would we even be doing this if he never would've ended up in rehab?"

"No." I answered while sitting up.

"Chris." My mom said. I hate when they call me that.

"I'm serious Ma, you know it's true too. He's only doing this because he has to, not because he want to. It shouldn't have taken all of this for him to finally realize he's messing up. If Robyn was still alive and he never overdosed, he'd be doing the same thing he was doing."

My mom sighed. She knows I'm right.

"You're right Junior, it shouldn't have taken something so crazy for your dad to fix the mess he made. But better late than never. You're his children and he wants to rebuild your relationship." She said.

"I heard he wants to do a session with you, why won't you do it?" Carter asked her.

"Our situation is different. I have to move on from him, constantly talking about it isn't going to make that easier. This was my husband, we shared a different kind of love.....it's hard to explain."

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