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Me and Kylee stepped off the jet, the Atlanta weather instantly hitting our faces. I haven't been home since last year and I've honestly missed it. My dad is sick so I flew out to check him. He's getting older and the minute I hear he's not feeling well I get nervous. I also wanted to talk to my brother about getting my own advertisement company started.

This is something I've should've done a long time ago but I didn't expect the things that have happened to occur. I really enjoy advertising, it's time that I benefit from what I'm so good at. I've helped my dad's company, my ex husbands company, now I have to help myself.

Once our bags were loaded we headed to my dad's place. He got married about 10 or 11 years ago, this lady I actually approved of. I'm the one who introduced them. She's a little bit younger but sweet as pie. She's Tracey's younger sister.

I miss T so much. All of the best people in my life, I've lost to Cancer, I hate that shit.

Lately I've been wanting to come back to Atlanta. I don't know if I'm just running so that I won't have to face Chris and be reminded of the hurt or if I miss my family and want to be around them more. Aubrey has a daughter that's 16 named Bria. She and Carter are really close even though they grew up in two different states. Every time I talk to her she wants to come to Cali with me. Ciara has a son that just turned 17, she named Curtis but they call him Tre, you know 3 in Spanish because he's the 3rd Curtis. We barely see him, he's mainly with his dad in New York, he's a sweetie pie though.

After a short drive we pulled up to my dad's condo. My kids love their grandfather especially Junior. They've had a close bond since birth, everybody knows that. I think Junior would go to my dad for something faster than he'd go to Chris.

Chris likes to blame us getting divorced hindering their relationship but that's not true. Well I don't think it is. Junior has always been closer to me than his dad. As he got older he became very overprotective of me, when we would argue he would get so mad at Chris. When he became a teenager and Chris and I got into arguments, Junior and his dad would always got into an argument about how selfish Chris was. The whole divorce thing was the icing on the cake. The day we all looked for Kylee was the first time they talked since the day Chris moved out.

"Hello, where's everybody?" I yelled walking into the house. Foot steps came from the back of the house, then my stepmom appeared. "Hey Claire." I walked up to her and hugged her.

"Hey sweetie." She kissed my check then moved to Kylee. "Hi Princess."

"Hey Grandma." Kylee said.

Out of all my kids she's the only one that addresses her as that. She's been around Claire since she was 2. It doesn't bother me because she has been like a grandmother to her and she makes sure Kylee knows about my mom.

"Your dad is back here." She lead us out on the patio. My dad sat in one of the lawn chairs, smoking a cigar.

I walked up to him and snatched it out of his mouth. "I thought you were sick."

"I told you that a week ago." He snatched it back.

Laughing I sat in a chair across from him, Kylee being the baby she is climbed up under my dad.

"I didn't know you were coming to town." He said.

"I wanted to come check up on you and I haven't seen you in a while."

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