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Two Weeks Later

My granddaughter made her arrival two weeks ago and she is so beautiful and tiny, I can't wait to spoil her. I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted with her because the smell of the hospital kept making me feel terrible. Junior kept asking if I was okay and what happened, I just told him that I had a virus.

I didn't want to break the news to the kids until I knew that everything was okay. I had a doctors appointment and everything looks fine. I have to be more cautious because I am up in age and that makes me high risk and the baby. I'm going to keep my stress to a minimum and try to enjoy these 7 months that I have left.

I sat in the family room watching TV when I heard the front door open. Chris went to get Kylee from cheer practice after being out all day and the boys should be here any minute.

"Hi mommy." She said while coming into the family room.

"Hi baby." I hugged and kissed her. "Go take a shower you're all sweaty."

Kylee nodded before leaving out. Chris sat next to me and held my chin. We shared a sweet kiss. "Wassup." He said.

"Hey, where you been all day?"

"Kicking it with Aliyah's dad. He cool."

"Her mom has been checking up on me. I didn't want to tell her that my old ass is pregnant."

"Here you go with that age shit."

"Chris you know it looks crazy."

"I'm not about to have this conversation with you again." He stood up. "Let me know when the boys and my mom get here." With that he headed upstairs.

Sighing I got up and went into the kitchen to see what I'll make for dinner. I haven't cooked a bunch of food in a while because it's just me, Chris and Kylee. Joyce got an apartment after all these years of living with me and I was bummed about that. Junior and Aliyah have their own place and Carter wanted to stay on campus even though we live nowhere from UCLA. I'm sure that's so he can freely hoe around. If he get a girl pregnant he's getting his ass beat, simple as that.

Next week the boys officially take over their dads clothing company. I can't wait to see what they do with it. They're fly boys so I know that their father won't be disappointed .

I decided to make Shrimp and chicken scampi, something the kids love. I'm about to drop some big news on them so why not make their favorite.

As I started cooking the boys walked through the door with their grandmother. I got nervous for some odd reason. You could've sworn, I was about to tell my parents I'm having my first baby. I don't even think I was this nervous to tell my dad about Junior.

"Hey mommy." Carter rushed over to me and wrapped his arm around me. He acts more like the baby then Kylee does.

"Hi honey, how's school?"

"Good, I don't think campus was a good idea though."


"Uuuuh, we'll talk later."

"Carter! What did you do?"

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