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Christopher Jr.

Dropping my keys on the kitchen counter, I placed my gym bag and bookbag on the floor. It was a long night at practice and I was tired as hell.

I'm the point guard for UCLA. Basketball has been a dream of mine since I realized what it was. I'll most definitely be going pro.

After scanning through the refrigerator to see if my mom cooked, I sighed and slammed the door shut when I saw that there was nothing. Even though this is something that I'm kind of used to lately.

I guess I'll just go to bed cause I damn sure don't want to cook anything.

As I was making my way up the stairs, I paused once I realized the TV in the family room was still on. Climbing back down the stairs I made my way to the back of the house and once an empty wine bottle came in view I shook my head.

My mom was passed out with a glass barely in her hand. I made my way over to her and took it before it fell and broke. Then I started shaking her to wake her up.

"Ma.....ma, get up."

Her eyes slowly opened and she glanced up at me. Her eyes were red and swollen.

"Come on, let's get you in bed." I told her.

She nodded and slowly sat up. "Can you help me?" Her words slurred.

I scooped her up into my arms and took her upstairs to her room and placed her on the bed.

"How was practice?" She asked.

I sat down. "Hectic." I rubbed my blonde and black curls. So many people mistake me for my dad.

"It'll all be worth it." She said before sitting up. "Are you coming tomorrow?"

Exhaling, I looked over at her. "I'll be there."

"16 years of marriage gone down the drain because your father is a no good son of a bitch."

Yeah, they're getting a divorce and my dad is just so uncaring about it. He turned Carter against my mom, they both don't even live here. Since the day my mom found out he cheated, he's found a way to make HER feel guilty. Told her she wasn't there, she focused on other things instead of her family and that caused him to drift away. Actually he suggested the divorce, so she went and filed. He's filled Carter's head up with the idea that my mom really doesn't care about us and I always make sure I let him know that he's a dumb ass for believing that.

My mom was busy running my dads businesses while he lost interest for the 100th time. She did that to make sure her family was good and what he do? He cheated.

Me and my dad don't see eye to eye. Kylee just stays neutral. She's too young to understand anyway.

I'll be happy when this is over, my mom can move on with her life.

Standing up from the bed, I stretched. "I'll catch you in the morning ma." I kissed her forehead before wiping her tears for the millionth time for the past 6 months.

Why did he have to hurt her?

The Next Morning

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