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Holy Angel by LaylaGawdyss
Holy Angelby 🤍
All it took was one night for their souls to intertwine with one another. The thing is, did that night change them for the better? Or was it a mistake that brought out t...
Best Friend. by Love_Bri94
Best Love_Bri94
She say he's just a friend...
Feelings ( A Chris Brown Story ) by xlovelinn
Feelings ( A Chris Brown Story )by xlovelinn
Chris and Tiffany have always been the best of friends. But what happens when feelings get in the way? Will their friendship be able to stand strong through it all...
Checkmate - RATED R  by Love_Bri94
Checkmate - RATED R by Love_Bri94
She wasn't what he was used to....he had finally met his match.
My Life As Chris Brown's Girlfriend,A Chris Brown,Drake love story by onlymissmaggie
My Life As Chris Brown's Maggie.B
Sitting here feeling kinda crazy But not just any crazy It's the kind you feel when you love somebody And I know that my baby Is calling somebody else baby And I can't s...
Chris brown  by Rina-Bena
Chris brown by Queens✨
Chris brown is a 20 year old player, he started his career when he was 14 years old over those years he has change in a bad way, he started doing drugs, Hitting females...
Saints & Sinners  by Love_Bri94
Saints & Sinners by Love_Bri94
She was the perfect girl, with the perfect life until everything made a turn for the worst. He was the quiet guy that nobody paid attention to, especially her. What hap...
Crossing Lines - Rated R by Love_Bri94
Crossing Lines - Rated Rby Love_Bri94
They come from two different worlds. What she knew was foreign to him but it was something about him that she couldn't get enough of.
Jefe II  by Love_Bri94
Jefe II by Love_Bri94
14 years later, your favorite couple is back.
When the Smoke Clears  by Love_Bri94
When the Smoke Clears by Love_Bri94
Six months have passed and Chris is still dealing with the death of his beloved Jordyn who isn't even dead. Jordyn is now 8 months pregnant and wanting badly to escape f...
A Victim of His Love (Sequel to KTBH) by ___andreaaaa
A Victim of His Love (Sequel to Andréa
It's been 2 years since Andrea moved to London. Life's been great for her and Chris as well. Chris has gotten better and is ready to find Andrea. He's still in love with...
autumn. 🍂 [completed] by briyeezy
autumn. 🍂 [completed]by Bri da Vinci 🌺
🍂 Their love was like Autumn; heady, golden, pure, but limited. 🥀
Indigo {A Chris Brown Fanfic} by WinnieLikesToWrite
Indigo {A Chris Brown Fanfic}by Winnie
Alia Mason has been having an affair with Chris Brown and has been for almost a year. With the ups and downs of relationships and lives in general, will they end up toge...
Criminal Lovers by KweenKay972
Criminal Loversby KweenKay
We made it !! Finally after all the struggle , all the fears and the shit we 've been through ! We now officialy away from all type of bullshit . We could now stop carin...
Broken| August Alsina FanFiction by MemeXrawwx
Broken| August Alsina FanFictionby MemeXRawwx
After their brother died the fight between Amora and August grows bigger. After 9 years can they put it behind them even with their only personal issue
Tempo (Let's switch it up) A Chris Brown FanFic by PicklesAndRanch1
Tempo (Let's switch it up) A ❤️Anastacia🤷🏼‍♀️
Celebrities. Their all pricks, don't you think? They make loads of money that causes them to have a stick up their behinds. I mean what's all the commotion about? For ex...