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You're going to find out Bae's real name in this chapter yay.

A beeping was repeating in my ear, I opened my eyes, a bright light shined directly in my eyes. I squinted a few times as I sat up, realizing I was in the hospital. I looked to where the beeping came from and seen it was the machine that made sure your heart was beeping correctly. I looked down at my wrist, the image of blood covering it flashing in my mind. No blood. It was just a bandage covering what I believe would be stitches and an IV that was pumping red liquid into my arm, blood.

"Nice to see you awake, Baelee."  I looked over to see a woman in scrubs, the nurse I'm guessing. I nodded, not knowing what to say. The lady chuckled, picking up the clip board that was at the end of the bed. "The boy did mention you didn't talk much," she mumbled, looking over the papers.

"Harry?" The nurse glanced up, "Curl hair and green eyes?" she asked. I nodded, she nodded too, "Yeah, that was him." I grabbed the small remote on the side of the bed, clicking the button that made it rise. I stopped once the bed reached my back.

"Well Baelee, everything seems good. You're lucky that Harry kid got you here in time, or you  wouldn't of been so lucky." The nurse said, looking up at me. "But be more careful okay?" I nodded, "Okay." A few minutes passed and she was now writing down my heart rate and everything. "Okay, you will be released once one of your family members or guardians come to get you." She smiled at me. I flashed a quick smile back as she turned off the heart monitor and took the little clip off my finger that helped check my oxygen. "Oh and food will be up in a little, I know you must be starving." I nodded quickly, my stomach grumbled. "See?" The nurse chuckled before walking out the room with the clip board.

I sighed, looking around, it was obviously day time since Harry wasn't here. I stayed as long as I could Bae, I swear. I smiled, "I believe you," I whispered, looking over at the door to see a blonde with dark brown eyes walk in. "Lunch," he stated with a smile, he set the tray down on the end of the bed before walking out, "Get well soon," he added, shutting the door. I looked t the food, scrunching up my nose. The Macaroni, apple sauce and pudding would be the best choice. Oh and the juice. Harry stated. I decided to take his word; grabbing the fork and the small bowl of macaroni, I started to eat quickly.

"Bae,  Bae it's time to go." My eyes fluttered opened to see Harry, he was smiling I sat up quickly, seeing the IV was out my arm and a band-aid covered where the IV use to be. I slipped off the bed, noticing my old, worn out converse were on my feet still. Harry grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers. A chill rushed up my arm through-out my whole body. "Trisha is outside, she said she didn't want us to walk or take a cab." I nodded, following Harry as he guided me to the car. Harry walked to the passenger seat so I went to the one behind him, opening the door. "Bae," I looked at Harry, seeing he had the door open. "Oh," the heat rose to my cheeks as I got in the passenger seat, putting my seat belt on right after.

Harry smiled and pecked my lips before shutting the door and getting in the back. I glanced at Trisha who was smiling, "That was sweet of you Harry." She told him, putting the car in drive. I glanced back at Harry who just flashed a quick smile.

We were half way home when Trisha decided to talk again, "Oh Harry, I just want to thank you for getting Zayn that job. Hopefully it'll get his mind off Jessica." She stated, taking a left. Harry nodded, "You're welcome ma'am." Harry replied quietly.

Zayn is in his art studio, when we get home we need to check on him. Harry stated. I glanced back, nodding slightly.

"Thanks for the ride," I told Trisha as I got out the car. She only nodded, "Hurry inside, I need to go somewhere."  She rushed us. I nodded, Quickly walking up to the house and getting inside. No lights were on in the house, I froze, not wanting to run into something. I felt Harry's arms wrap around my waist as he mumbled, "Just walk, I'll tell you where to turn." I nodded, biting my lip lightly as I started to walk slowly. Harry guided me towards the back door, where the moon light shined through the glass.

"Before you ask, Zayn won't attack you. He kind of filled up on all the neighborhood cats and a few rabbits." Harry mumbled, he sounded a little grossed out. I nodded, opening the door and stepping out. The sound of a spray can could be heard from where we stood. I walked over, glancing back to see Harry following behind. Once I got to the door, I set both hands on it, about to push it open. "Don't come in!" Zayn yelled suddenly, "Give me a few seconds." I looked at Harry, "Oh, he was able to adapt easily, he mentioned, 'I can work on my canvas's quicker.' so, yeah." I nodded, looking back at the door; I jumped, seeing Zayn standing there instead. He laughed before stepping back and allowing us in.

I looked around, seeing a huge piece of paper hung up on the wall. I examined it, two eyes were on it, every little detail was perfect and it was honestly amazing. "Who's eyes?" I asked him, walking up to the paper to get a better view. "Yours in the future," he stated calmly, leaning on the wall beside it. I was taken back, not knowing what to say. "A thank you would be nice." He said, sounding cocky. I frowned at him slight before thanking him.

"So you like being a vampire?" I asked him randomly. Zayn shrugged, "It has his perks but it is what it is," he stated, grabbing a spray can and going up to his old works and making some edits. Lexi came by a few minutes later, the tension between us could get sliced in half by a knife easily. Harry  was glaring at Lexi also, I know he just wants to end her now just from the look on his face. "C'mon Bae, lets go inside." Harry mumbled, grabbing my hand and walking out the shed and to the house.

The door was still opened as I walked in, "Wait Harry, you need the invitation!" Harry  shook his head, walking in the house, "Trisha put our names on the papers saying we live here now, no need to worry." I nodded, turning the light on. I walked to the fridge, grabbing a water then going to the cabinet and getting the pack of Oreos. "In your face Zayn." I mumbled to myself. Harry laughed, "What? Zayn can't eat them now so," Harry nodded, "I know Bae, I know." I huffed and hurried up to our room.

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