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Bae's POV.

I looked down, holding my books to my chest tightly. It was cold outside, it got colder when I was in school. I ended up finding a jacket, thank god. I walked up the porch, seeing the neighbors house was all boarded up still. Their truck wasn't there, The man must be looking for a job. I walked over to the wooden railing that separated out porches together, I hopped over it and landed on my feet. Slowly, I walked to the door and knocked softly. No answer.


Wait, maybe the boy went with him. I stayed there for a few minutes, hearing some shuffling. "Hello? Is anyone there?" I said, knocking on the door again. I heard one of the wooden floor boards creak, "Please go away." The boy from last night said, his voice was cracking as he did. "Hey, are you okay?" I asked, he didn't sound right, he sounded sick. A few seconds went by, "Y-Yes, now please go." He pleaded. I heard a scraping on the door, and a gasp of pain. My eyes widen, "Are you sure? Do you need help?" I asked, grabbing the door knob.

Suddenly a growl was heard from his side of the door, "Get away!" He yelled, his voice was much deeper than before. My eyes widen as I stumble back to my porch, I quickly get my house key and unlock the door running into the house. I locked the door and ran to my room, my heart was beating fast. "Bae? Are you okay?" My mom slurred slightly, walking to my room. I waited a few minutes before replying, "Y-Yeah mum," I said, getting up. "How much did you drink?" I asked her, sighing. She shrugged, almost falling. I grabbed her and guided her to her room, "Mom get some rest please." I mumbled, helping her lay in her bed. My mom huffed and buried her face in her pillow. "goodnight Levi.." she slurred, falling asleep quickly.

My heart broke, she's so drunk. She thought I was dad.. I sighed and walked out of her room and into the kitchen, it's 9 pm. Time fly's.. I thought, grabbing a breakfast bar from the cabinet. I wasn't really hungry, well I never am. I quickly ate the small bar and sat at the table, I had a ton of homework but I'm not doing it. It will only remind me of everything that happened today. I tapped my finger on the table before I remembered about my book. I got up and walked to my room, I grabbed my book and colored pencils. I grabbed my blanket and walked to the front door, I opened the door and laid the blanket out before sitting down and wrapping it around myself. I set my book in my lap and the colored pencils next to me.

I grabbed the black pencil and slowly started tracing. Maybe I can draw a rose this time. Before I knew it, the flower part of the rose was drawn. I smiled and continued to draw. Suddenly the truck pulled up to the boy's house. He got out the car, a cigarette between his lips as he pulled two jugs from out of the seat. Dark liquid was in both of them. He quickly walked up to his porch and set one down, he knocked three times then scraped his nails down the door. I cringed, shaking my head. The man grumbled something, picking up the jug that he set down seconds earlier. "Have a goodnight." I said without realizing it. The man jumped, dropping both jugs onto the porch. Both busted in sync, the liquid going everywhere. "God dammit!" he shouted, tossing his cigarette to the ground.

The front door opened to his house quickly, The boy looking eye wide. He took a deep, shaky breath a he looked down at the liquid. I couldn't tell what is was, but all I knew was it smelled funny. The boy suddenly growled, my eyes widen. It was a inhumane growl. He suddenly dropped to the ground, his hands holding him up as he took a deep breath, taking in the odd smell. His eyes were glowing red as he bent down slowly. "Harry don't!" The man demanded, trying to force him up by the boy, Harry's shoulder. "What?!" He yelled, his voice the deep voice from earlier. Slowly, I backed away scared shitless. The man pointed over to me.

Harry's eyes met mine once he looked over, a growl leaving his lips again. He glanced at the man before getting up quickly and running away. "Harry NO! Get back here!" The man yelled, trying to run after him. Harry was halfway down the street but he suddenly disappeared. The man stopped, panting slightly. He wasn't really in shape. He put his hands on his knees, shaking his head. "Fuck." he mumbled, standing up straight and walking back over to his house. "If I were you, I'd get in the house now." The man said, grabbing the two broken jugs and walking in.

I got up quickly deciding to listen to him. I grabbed my book, colored pencils and blanket before hurrying inside. I locked the door and went over to the couch. I curled up in the corner of the couch, flipping the page. I kept the imagine of the way he looked at me as I started to trace it. Yelling came from the neighbors house, it was mostly swearing and things getting thrown around. I sighed,

This is all my fault.


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