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"Mom, come and eat." I said, grabbing her arms and pulling her to her feet. She got home about an hour or so after the sheriff left. "I'm not hungry Bae." She mumbled, trying to wiggle from my grip. "Mom you look like a skeleton, please come eat." I begged her, I didn't want to drag her, I didn't need to risk hurting her if I did. She said nothing. I sighed heavily, "Dad wouldn't want you doing this." I said just above a whisper. It felt like my heart broke saying that to her, she looked at me; her eyes getting watery. "Please mom." She looked at me for a few more minutes an nodded, "You're right.." I nodded, knowing I was. "Let's eat." She smiled at me, yes it was fake but I haven't seen a smile on her face in forever and I felt like I accomplished something. I smiled back, guiding her to the kitchen.

She ate slowly, but somehow finished before me. I smiled at her, "Thank you for eating mom." I said, watching as she threw the plastic container away. I just bought two salads from the store, I'm saving the rest of the money for tomorrow or if I want to go out again. I doubt it, but hey you may never know. She nodded slightly and walked back into the living room, she sleeps out there now for some odd reason. I continued to eat, getting lost in my day dreams as I did.

Suddenly, there was a knock coming from the wall. I pretended not to hear it, I didn't want to talk to him right now or anytime soon. "Bae, I know you hear me." He said, his voice was low and a bit deeper than usual. I stayed silent, Don't reply, just ignore. "Don't ignore me Bae." His voice was demanding, but I wasn't caring. I continued to eat, only noise I could hear was myself chewing. "I didn't mean to hurt you by telling that you know.." I froze, waiting for him to continue. "I told you so you would be safe." I swallowed my food, "Oh." was all I could say.

I looked down at my food, there wasn't a lot left and I wasn't that hungry anymore. I got up and tossed the food in the trash, "Well, thank you for not wanting me to get hurt." I mumbled, walking out the kitchen. I had a quick glance at my mom before I was going to start walking. But the commercial on TV stopped me, A commercial for the new club, "Donny's" was on. The commercial had strobe lights, people drinking. They looked relax and had no worries. I had a spark of interest come to me, Maybe I can relax also. The commercial continued, the girls had on horrible outfits and loads of makeup on.

I walked into my moms room. She use to be a stripper but went to collage and got her medical degree and became a nurse. I walked to her closet, looking through it until I found her 'Best outfit'. I quickly changed into it, looking into the mirror when I was done. I scrunched up my face, Gross. 

Then don't do it. Harry's voice filled my head But I only shrugged it off and walked to her bed, pulling out her makeup bag from under the bed. I ended up globing my eyes with mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. Then bright red lipstick. I looked in the mirror again, This is exactly how my mom looked like when she left for 'work'. I'm never doing this again. I told myself, grabbing a pair of her high heals and slipping them on.

"The lady can go, you stay." The man said, he was bulky and looked mean. I walked in, hoping not to trip. Sweaty bodies collided into my now sweaty body. I cringed, weaving my way through them. The song, "We' re the animals"  Or whatever was on, everyone was jumping or doing some odd dance. Once I made my way to the bar, my hair was sticking to my back which was only covered in a tight fish net crop top. I felt disgusting being here, but I needed to relax, get my mind off things.

"What would you like babe?" The bar tender asked, he had raven hair and hazel eyes, Natural tan and a sleeve on his left arm. "Um, two shots of tequila." I said, taking out my money from my pocket. He shook his head, "Oh the house, you're going to need to ride the bus home. isn't that right Bae?" He asked, pouring the two shots. I looked at him confused, "Excuse you?" He chuckled and pushed the shots to me. 

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