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I moved my arms around the bed looking for Harry, nothing. I furrowed my eyebrows and opened my eyes, he wasn't here. I looked around the room and that's when it clicked, He can't be in the sun. I laid back down, memories of last night came flooding back. You do know you are very beautiful, right? You are a beautiful girl. His words repeated in my head, a light blush appearing on my face. I got up from my bed and walked out the room. I paused, seeing the sheriff in the hall a cup of coffee in one hand and papers in the other.

  He looked over, a smile appearing on his face. "Get packed up Bae, you're going to live with your father for a while." I froze, Live with my father? I shook my head, "No, I can't. I need to be here for my mom." I told him, not moving from my spot. "Bae, you can come back to your mother after she gets help. Now go pack." He demanded. Ask for a couple of days, trust me. Harry said, I decided to take his word.  "Can I just.. Can I get a few days to spend with her? Please?" The sheriff was about to reply, but his mind went blank. He looked at who I would believe is my mom in the living room then me, "Yes, you have until Tuesday." He said, turning around and walking to the front door. He walked out the house, not even looking back.

 Suddenly my mom appeared in the hall, she ran to me and engulfed me in a hug. "Oh god Bae, he's taking you from me." she cried, her face buried in my neck.  I took in a shaky breath, "I know mom.." She stayed there for a moment, "I-I need to get to work, My pay check is coming in. I-I'll go get food, we may not be able to pay some bills but at least there will be food in the house a-and they wont take you. Right?" No. I bit my lip, Harry is listening. I nodded though, ignoring Harry. "Yeah, You're right." She smiled wide, "Okay, I'll be going to work." I told me as she walked past me and into her room.

 You shouldn't of lied. Harry told me. "Why not? Don't you think she would find it quite odd that I know that."  I mumbled. My mom walked passed me, "What?" She asked, slightly confused. I shook my head, "Sorry, talking to myself." I claimed. She nodded, "Okay, Well I love you and please don't go anywhere bad while I'm at work." She told me, hurrying out the house. Why would I go anywhere? I asked myself, walking into the kitchen. It was eleven in the morning, "Oh my god I'm late to school," I said, my eyes wide as I turned and ran to my room. It's Saturday love.

 I stopped, oh yeah. My cheeks flushed from embarrassment as I turned around and walked out my room.  I could just feel the smile on Harry's face. I walked back into the kitchen, bringing the chair from the table to the wall. "Harry?" I waited for a few seconds, "Thank you for helping me last night." I wanted to give him a hug honestly, maybe even a kiss. If it wasn't for him I'd be lost right now or I'd be heading to my Father. "You're welcome Bae."

 It was an awkward silence now, I didn't like it. "Bae, can you draw a picture of me?" Harry asked suddenly. I furrowed my eyebrows, "Yeah, why?" I could tell he hesitated to answer, "I.. I forgot what I looked like." He said, his voice was low. "You forgot?" I asked him, confused. How could he forget? 

"I um, I can't see my reflection." Oh. I looked at the kitchen table, my sketching stuff was right there. That's odd, I don't remember putting that there. "Sure Harry, when do you want me to do it?"

 "Now. Well, If it's okay with you."   I nodded, then realized he couldn't see me. "Yeah, it's okay. I'll be over in a few." I told him as I got up and walked out the kitchen and into my room. I looked around, seeing my 'Now or Laters' on my dresser. I made a mental note to grab those before I leave the room. I quickly changed into a pair of sweats and large t-shirt and grabbed the candy as I walked out. I walked in the kitchen and grabbed the note book and pencils. "Harry unlock the door so I can just walk in when I get there." I only heard a chair scrape and footsteps as a response.

I scooted the lantern  to the side slightly, Harry doesn't have lights in his house because James didn't make enough to keep up with the electricity bill. "And there you go." I said quietly, handing him the book. I moved the lantern closer to him so he could see it better. "I knew I had light eyes." He murmured, looking over every small detail. "You forgot your signature." He said, looking up at him. I looked at him confused. "Every good artist signs their work." He claimed, handing it back to me. "Um, Okay.." I took back the book and grabbed the black colored pencil. In semi neat hand writing, I signed, Bae. Only Bae, I didn't like putting my full nor last name on anything.

"There you go." I said, handing it back to him. He smiled at me and set it aside. "Harry.. Why did you want me to ask for more time?" I asked, remembering earlier. He looked at me, debating if he should tell or not. "Because.." He thought about it for a moment, "A big storm is coming on Monday and on Tuesday he'll be here to get you.. but he wont take you.." I nodded, "Cause of the storm right?" He paused, "No Bae, I won't let him." I looked at him confused. He sighed heavily and closed his eyes. When he reopened them they were bright red, "I won't let him." My eyes widen, "Harry you cant do that! T-They'll come after us and think we killed him!" Harry shook his head, "They wont kill someone they don't remember." He's going to wash everybody's memory.

"Harry that's wrong.." I mumbled. "It's also wrong to sneak out at night and get drunk." I paused, He's got me there. Harry reached over and grabbed my arms, his hands wrapping around them easily; he pulled me over and into his lap .My back was to his chest. "I know it seems wrong, but it will be all good in the end." he mumbled. He set his chin on my shoulder, taking in a deep breath.

"Harry, why do you just randomly kill people? Why don't you just feed off of James or someone?" The words slipped from my mouth before I realized it. Harry didn't say anything, I bit my lip so I didn't make anything worse. "Well.. I don't know honestly." He mumbled, "Why?" He asked. "Because you um.. you've killed a lot of people.." I mumbled.

 "I don't want to hurt the one's I care about." He said randomly. I looked at him, "It couldn't hurt that bad. Can it?" I asked him. He gave me the, 'Are you kidding me' look. I shrugged, "I didn't hurt all that bad when you fed off me.." I looked back at him. "Bae you were screaming in your sleep." He said a bit loudly. "I might've been having a nightmare." I shot back.

 Suddenly, I was pinned on the floor under him. "You want to be stubborn, you'll learn your lesson." His demonic voice came into play as his eyes went red. I squirmed as Harry bent down, his fangs peeking out from behind his lips. I gasp loudly as he sunk his teeth into me, he pushed them in deep, making me whimper.

 I screamed loudly, clenching my fist as pain suddenly took over my body, I felt something enter my neck. It wasn't his fangs, it was a liquid that brought pain. Oddly, I started feeling drained. The more pain that came, the more drained I felt. I could tell Harry had no intention on stopping anytime soon. Slowly, my fist unclenched, I had no more strength to keep them that way. The odd noise Harry made as he drained me off my blood wasn't helping anything. Black spots filled my vision as I started feeling light headed. My eyes were drooping and Harry wasn't stopping.

 "H-Harry.." I barely whispered as my vision went black.

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