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It's Monday now, I didn't ask what Harry meant by, 'Well, not now anyways.' He didn't seem to want to be asked so I didn't. Also, the storm was coming. I got money from my mom and bought food last night, a lot of food. It was amazing how much I could get with thirty dollars.

 I looked around the house, my mom was on the phone talking to her boss, she was hoping for a raise. I looked out the window, the storm clouds were coming in quickly. I sighed, walking into the living room and switching the TV on. I flipped through the channels, stopping at the News channel.

"8 people were found dead last night, hanging in a tree upside down. Their throat was slit and drained of their blood. This is now 16 people who were found dead in a cruel way. If you have any information or you seen anything suspicious please call  (xxx) xxx-xxxx"

 I shook my head, "Soon to be 17.." I whispered, watching as they showed the pictures of all the victims. I looked away, not being able to handle looking at them. Bae, stop thinking about it. Harry said, his voice calm. I nodded, changing the channel, a movie was on so I kept it on. My mom came in the room, a big mile on her face. "Bae, I got a raise!" she smiled wide, hopping on the couch. I smiled back, "How much more did you get?" I asked her. "$4.50 so add that to the usual $11.50 and now I get paid, $16.00 an hour." I furrowed my eyebrows a little,  she made $11.50 an hour? we should've been living fine.. I shook my head, forgetting that and hugged her tightly. She hugged back, kissing my cheek as she did.

"Bae, get away from the window it's lightening outside." She told me, walking out of the kitchen. 

"Okay." I said, walking to my room and sitting on the floor beside my bed, I didn't want to be in there with her for some reason. I grabbed my notebook and the black and grey colored pencils, I wanted to do a black and white picture a little grey for lighting. I outlined two people, a boy and a girl. The boy was on his knees, cupping the girls cheeks; kissing her. The girl had her arms wrapped around her, her knees brought to her chest. Their eyes were closed as they kissed. Randomly, I reached over and grabbed anther color, adding it to the boys hands and around his mouth. I also made a little pool behind the boy, the color I used was red. Blood.

 I dropped the notebook, realizing  they boy and girl looked familiar. I kicked the book back, it slid under the bed. It was going to stay there for a while. Bringing my knees up to my chest, a flash of lightening came from the sky. A shadow of a person flashed on the floor. My eyes widen as I looked out the window, nothing. I shook my head, crawling in my bed. I wrapped my blanket tightly around me, I could hear the rain hitting the roof, calming me down. "Harry, was that you?" I asked quietly. It was quiet, he didn't answer. Sighing, I laid down closing me eyes tightly. I wasn't tired, I just felt alone. I didn't know why, but I di-

A loud crash was heard outside, I jumped up. Oh god what was that?! I got up from bed, running to the living room. My mom was at the door, her hand covering her mouth. "Mom, What happened?!" I asked, walking towards her. She held her hand out, "Bae, don't." I furrowed my eyebrows, "But mom-" She looked back at me, a stern look on her face.

 "Bae, sit down."

 I was taken back by her demanding words. I nodded, walking over to the couch and sitting down. Bae, James got into a crash. Harry's voice was calm, relaxing. Why? His friend got into a crash, why is he so calm about it? I leaned back into the couch, looking back. I watched as my mom pulled on her rain coat and ran outside, sirens were heard coming down the street. The lights flashed in the house, I curled up in a ball, looking at the wall that was flashing red and blue.

 Mom walked back in about 30 minutes later, she was soaked for some reason. "Mom, is everything okay?" I asked. She sighed, shaking her head. "No, the man passed away before the ambulance got there." My eyes widen, James. "Oh god." I said, shaking my head quickly. "Sweetie, everything is okay." She said, walking over and sitting beside me. "He's in a better place now." She smiled softly, caressing my cheek lightly. I nodded, "You're right." I lied, James is going to Hell. I thought, He killed people for Harry. I added, looking in the kitchen.

 I got up and walked in the kitchen, grabbing the phone. "Bae?" I waved my mom off, walking into my room. 

I typed in the seven digits plus the area code then pressed the green button.  After a few rings, the person picked up. "Hello?" His voice was quiet, and accent was different. "Hello? Dad?"  I asked into the phone. "Bae?" I nodded, then realized he couldn't see me. "Yeah dad, its me." his voice got a little louder, "Oh Bae, I didn't even recognize you. You're sixteen right?" He asked me. "Yeah dad.." I Paused, "Can I ask you something?" It was quiet for a second. "Of course." 

I too a deep breath, "Dad, is there a such thing as evil?" I asked him quietly, I don't know why I asked him that question, but I did.

"Evil? Bae what has your mom been telling you?" He asked, his voice sounding angry. "N-Nothing dad. I just, it came to mind." voice was still quiet. Dad sighed heavily, "Bae, get that out of your mind. We'll talk about this when you get here, okay?" my stomach turned, in a bad way. I didn't want to go. "Okay dad.." he said a quick 'I love you' before hanging up. I set the phone on the bed, glancing around the room.

 Of course there is evil Bae, you're living right next to it. Goosebumps arose on my arms, I shook my head and crawled in the bed. "Leave me alone Harry, just for tonight. Please." I said, closing my eyes tightly.

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