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I woke up to a knocking on my window, I looked over to see Harry. My heart fluttered. I got up and walked over, opening the window. "Hel-" Harry shook his head, "Bae, go check the news." I furrowed my eyebrows and walked into the living room, switching the TV on. The news lady was talking, her face serious.

"Starting tonight, the police will be checking every house for the murder from the last few weeks. They have warrants and are free to check your house. This was issued by the government and nobody can stop this. If you have any questions or evidence of the killer, please call the number below."

The number popped up on the bottom of the screen, my eyes were wide as I heard Harry yell my name from my window. I got up, quickly walking into the room. "Bae, Lexi and I need to leave." My heart shattered as soon as those words left his lips, He's leaving. "I-I'll come too." Harry shook his head, "You can't, you need to stay with your mom." My eyes started to water up, my breathing changed slightly. "P-Please Harry, y-you can't just leave m-me." Sorrow filled Harry's eyes, but he stayed strong. "Bae, I said no."

"Where are you going Harry?" We both jumped and turned around to see my mom at the door, her eyebrows were scrunched slightly as her arms were crossed. "I- um, Bradford." I could tell he took a random guess, good guess. My mom walked In the room, ignoring that Harry was at my window. "Do you have somewhere to stay there?" Harry shook his head no. "Well my sister lives there, if you take Bae I bet you she'd find you the perfect place to stay." I looked at my mom, shocked. Who is this woman? She'd never allow me that, no matter how bad her depression is. "Really?" I blurted out. She nodded, "You're almost 18, you can take care of yourself."

"I told you no for a reason." Harry mumbled, setting my suit case in the trunk of the Taxi. I glanced back at him, getting into the car. "Why don't you tell me the reason then." Harry slammed the trunk closed, it was around nine at night. I'm surprised the Taxi even came this late.

"Aye, be easy with my baby!" yelled the driver, glancing back at Harry who just shut the door. 

"Sorry." he muttered, looking up at the house where my mother stood at the door. She seems off today. My mom waved, a smile spread a cross her face. I smiled back.

As the Taxi started to drive away, I seen my mom mouthing something; I couldn't tell what is was, the Taxi was already too far for me to tell. I brushed it off, it was most likely I love you.

The whole car ride was silent, it was around midnight and I was tired. I closed my eyes. Suddenly, as my eyes were closed, the car screeched to a stop and the drivers scream filled the car. I squeezed my eyes shut, bringing my knees to my chest and setting my forehead on my knees. I didn't so anything, I couldn't.

Silence. Nothing was heard, well no screamed at least. The sound of bones cracking then slurping filled the car, it made my stomach flip. I felt as if I was going to puke, but I did nothing; I just waited for him to finish.

"Bae, you can come to the front if you want." Harry's voice filled the air after a few moments. I shook my head, "I-I'm fine back h-here." I said just above a whisper, not moving from my position. A heavy sigh escaped Harry's lips as I heard the door open and something heavy hit the ground, the drivers body. The car was still started, I could tell from the heat that was blown back and warming my body. "Go to sleep Bae, were not going to Bradford so this will be a while." I nodded, laying on my side. The sound of bones breaking echoed in my ears as my eyes shut.

Harry's pov

I glanced back in the mirror, Bae was asleep. Her eyebrows were furrowed a little as she kept her arms close to her chest, she wasn't cold she was just having a nightmare that I couldn't stop. Her nightmare played in my head as I looked back at the empty highway.

She was running, her heart beating fast as she made a sharp left. I knew it was wrong to do this, but I'm still trying to figure her out, she's different from everyone else. Very, Very different. Suddenly, her small, frail body was forced into the brick wall beside her. She winced in pain, looking up. I cringed, seeing her look so scared made me sick. Her eyes met glowing red ones, she started to sob, begging for the person to stop. I continued to watch her nightmare, taking in the images faster than the girls these days get Starbucks. I watched as her eyes started to scan the face that had her pinned, I watched until I realized the face, was mine.

I slammed my foot on the break, the car made a screeching stop. My eyes were wide as I glanced back, seeing Bae awake with worry filling her eyes. "W-What's wrong? Harry, I-is everything ok?" I nodded, looking at her reassuringly, "Everything is fine Bae, a rabbit ran In front of the car." I lied, "Go back to sleep, you need it." Bae nodded, her eyes starting to droop as she laid back down. I slowly started to drive again, speeding up as soon as Bae's eyes closed.

I started to think over every time I went through Bae's thoughts when she was asleep, they were always nightmares except for one. But that was the night I first moved in. Now every time she slept, it was a nightmare and I'm starting to think that I'm the cause of every one of them.

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