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My hand got tangled in Harry's curls as I twirled his hair in my hand, Harry's eyes were closed; enjoying the feeling it gave him. I smiled as his chest rose and fell slowly. "Harry, your hair is soft." I said randomly, I honestly wanted to slap myself with how stupid it came out. A chuckle escaped Harry's lips, "Thank you, Bae."

A scream was heard from outside, we both jumped. My head hit the wall as I did, "Oh, fuck." I swore, rubbing my head. "Bae, are you okay?" Harry said, sitting up and pulling me to him quickly. I nodded, "Yeah, I just hit my head. I'm fine." I told him, rubbing my head still.

"Harry!" Lexi screamed again, anger was filled in her voice. Harry rolled his eyes, getting up. "I'll bring her to my house and come back, okay?" I nodded, getting up from the bed and following Harry to the front door. Once Harry opened the door, Lexi tried to run on the porch again but was stopped by some invisible force. Each time she tried, she got burnt.

"I wish that could've happened in sixth grade." I mumbled to myself.

"Oh well it didn't until now you little bitch, now invite me in!" Lexi snapped, glaring at me. If looks could kill.

"You'd be dead." Lexi hissed, her voice like venom.

 "Shut up Lexi, now." Harry told her, his voice was harsh. Lexi huffed, rolling her eyes. "Why are you at this freaks house anyways? The only thing she's good at is slitting her wrist." It felt like I was just hit in the chest by a hundred pound weight. Harry looked at me, I shook my head quickly.

 "I stopped two years ago." I mumbled.

Harry glared at Lexi, "Get your ass inside my house now. Oh, and no talking while you're at it." Lexi was about to say something, but her voice wouldn't come. It was like she was mouthing the words that she wanted to say. "Go." Harry demanded, he didn't move an inch. We were still in my door way, looking at her. In a blink of an eyes, Lexi was gone and Harry's door slammed closed.

A gasp was heard from behind us, I turned to see my mom was up and leaning on her arm. She more asleep then awake. "B-Bae? Honey are you okay?" She yawned afterwards. I nodded, then realized she wasn't looking. "Y-Yes mom, go back to sleep." I barely finished my sentence before she crashed back down on the couch and fell back asleep.

I stood there, not knowing what to do now. My eyes searched the room, it was 2 in the morning.

Harry's hand grabbed mine, intertwining as they did. "Come on, let's go back out." He mumbled, walking out the house. I smiled slightly, nodding. "Okay."

We walked down the barren street, my hand intertwined with Harry's as they swung lightly. I looked at Harry, a smile plastered on his face; his dimples showing. I smiled, I never knew he had dimples. "Bae, staring is rude." My eyes widen as I looked down, my cheeks getting bright red. Harry laughed as he pulled me to him, I still looked down; not wanting him to see me blushing. "Bae, I know you're blushing." I huffed, my breath turning into a white fog as I did. My eyes met Harry's afterwards, I gave up trying to hide it.

Harry leaned down, his lips met mine. Our lips moved in sync as I brought my arms around his neck. My blush was getting a deeper red the longer we kissed. Harry pulled away after a few minutes, my breathing was a little uneven hence the kiss. Harry took a step back, his hand found mine again. I looked at him confused as he twirled me. I laughed softly as Harry pulled my back to him and started to dance, he guided me along as if he knew I couldn't dance. Harry started to sing softly as he continued to sway us back and forth,

"I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be Heroes, just for one day,"

I looked up at him, his voice was beautiful. Harry's eyes were closed as he continued to sing, I didn't know the song but I already like it. I leaned my head on Harry's chest, I looked around, I noticed we were by the park. Slowly, I closed my eyes. Harry's voice was so calming.

I felt something wet hit my nose, then my arm, shoulder, head. My eyes fluttered open as another rain drop hit my nose. I moved back and looked at Harry, he sighed quietly. "I'll finish the song some other time," He said, his voice was promising. I nodded, smiling wide as I did. "Come on, I don't need you getting a cold." Harry said, picking me up like I weighed nothing. I closed my eyes and clung to Harry, already knowing what he was going to say. "That's my girl," he chuckled, before a massive wind blew passed us both.

"Harry, can you stay with me? At least until the sun starts to come up?" I asked him, sitting on my bed. Harry glanced at the window then looked at me, "I can stay with you as long as you want, I just need to stay away from the sun." I nodded, lying back and swinging my legs lightly. My eyes were trained on the ceiling. The bed beside me dipped, I rolled over, giggling as I did. "Harry," I said randomly as I scooted on top of him. I crossed my arms, lying my head on them a smile still on my face. "Bae," Harry mocked, wrapping his arms around the small of my back. I shrugged, closing my eyes. "I like your name." I giggled again, shaking my head.

"Well I like you." My eyes opened as a weird feeling took place in my stomach. "What?" I asked him, making sure I heard him correctly. Harry was already looking at me, 

"I said, I like you, a lot actually." 

The words just rolled off his tongue so simply. A lightly blush formed on my cheeks, "I like you too." I mumbled, burring my face in my arms. I looked up at Harry, I could tell he felt awkward and didn't know what to do. "Harry," his eyes met mine. My stomach twisted and a lump got caught in my throat. "Have you ever had a girlfriend?" His eyebrows furrowed, "What is that?"

I didn't really know how to answer the question, I wouldn't know how to. "A girlfriend is um," I started to think and remember all the couples I seen in the hallway at school, young and in love. "Well, it's a girl that you're friends with but the relationship is much deeper. Like you can kiss, go on dates, anything." Harry nodded, "What do you call a boy?" I bit my lip, trying not to giggle, "They call them a boyfriend." Harry nodded, "Oh," It was quiet for a few minutes, Harry eyes searched the room until they met mine.

Harry's bottom lip was taken between his teeth, he bit down slightly. "Well.. Bae, would you like to be my girlfriend?" My blush got deeper as I nodded, "Yes Harry, I'd love to be."

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