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Harry's POV. 

"How long will the surgery take?" I asked the nurse, she was waiting for Trisha to sign all the papers. "About 7 hours as long as nothing goes wrong." The nurse said calmly, never looking my way. "Can I see her before the surgery?" The nurse sighed, shaking her head. "Doctor Lee said no, she's getting rushed to surgery as soon as I turn these papers in." she told me as she grabbed the now filled out papers from Trisha. She started walking away as I asked real quickly, "How about after?" The nurse nodded, rushing past the doors and to the double doors.

I sighed, sitting down in the chair, they had to wait a whole night to try and explain everything to Bae. Cause of the blood clot, she's now getting confused easily and is getting massive head aches. Plus, she can barely speak. She slurs each time she talks and barely anyone can understand her. They had Trisha, nurses, doctors, they even had a speech therapist come in to try and make her words out; but they just couldn't. And of course I couldn't help her, I knew she was trying to communicate with me through her thoughts, but the 'block' prevented me from helping.

"What time is it?" I mumbled to Zayn who was playing on his phone. "It's 11 at night." he replied, his eyes never leaving the screen. I sighed, shaking my head again. I just want to see her.

Bae's POV.

I watched the nurses, they were walking around the room quickly, getting ready for the surgery I was about to go into. My vision blurred if they moved too quickly which usually made my head hurt worse. I looked at the nurse who was holding my IV, she had a plastic tube filled with a clear liquid. "This is going to make you go to sleep," she said slowly and loud. I nodded, looking on the other side of the bed to see another nurse holding the bed remote. She turned it towards me and pointed to the button that laid it back. I nodded, leaning back on the firm mattress. Slowly, it started to go back until I was lying straight.

"You're in good hands," The nurse that held the plastic tube in her hand told me as she added the liquid to my IV. I looked around, getting a good look at everything. The nurses said Its a 50/50 chance I survive. Once i got a pretty good look of the room then, memories flashes through my mind. All the memories. Bad, good, all. From getting teased on, to Harry and I saying I love you for the first time. I smiled slightly, that was the best day of my life. Butterflies went off in my stomach, the happiness he gave me was something I never knew I could have; but now I realized, with him, I was happy and if I don't make it tonight, I'll die happy.

Suddenly, a wave a tiredness hit me, my eyes were starting to droop and everything started to fade. "Tell Harry I love him," I said loudly, hoping it was clear enough for them to hear, please be clear enough for them to hear. I begged, falling asleep.

Harry's POV.

My feet were tapping on the ground, she had to be in surgery now, its 11:10 at night and I seen a whole group of nurses walk past the doors, which had to small rectangle windows near the handles. I looked at Trisha, she was pacing back and forth, a cup of coffee was held in her hands; she took quick sips each time her eyes looked at the doors.


I looked over, seeing a Nurse with dark blue scrubs on and long black hair that was put in a hair net looking thing. "Yes?" I asked, standing up and walking to her quickly. "Bae wanted us to tell you something, she said it right before she went to sleep." I nodded, waiting for her to tell me. "She said she loves you." the nurse said, a soft smile appearing on her face. I smiled back, "Thank you," I mumbled, walking back to the group of three. "What did she say?" they all asked, their eyes were filled with curiosity. "She said she love me," my voice cracked, I knew I was about to cry. Yes, I can cry, but I don't cry tears, I cry blood;  it's the only liquid that's in my body.

They all smiled, Trisha even came up and hugged me, Lexi came up only a few seconds later to copy her actions. I took a deep breath, my eyes started to get watery. "Harry," I looked at Zayn, he pointed to his eyes, making my eyes widen. fuck. I closed my eyes tightly, moving away from their embrace. "I-I need to go," I mumbled, walking to the exit. "Harry, its okay to cry," Trisha said, grabbing my arms lightly. I shook my head, "I'm going to get something," I told her, it wasn't a total lie, I was going to get something; just for Bae.

Trisha removed her hand, "Okay, you do have a phone right?" she asked, I knew she wasn't trying to hold me up, she just wanted to make sure. "No." I was standing right in front of the door, not wanting to make any eye contact. "Well take mine, just in case you're not back when the surgery is over. The password is, 1996." She told me. I nodded, turning around and grabbing the phone. My eyes never opening. I grabbed the phone, mumbling a 'Thank you' before I walked out the hospital. I started run after I got a good distance, my eyes dried from the wind which I was thankful for.

I stopped, looking around for cart. My eyes stopped on the cart that was filled with all the different colors, red, yellow, orange, blue, white, etc. I walked up, looking at the many flowers the lady has. I stopped in front of it, scanning over each one, looking for the one's Bae would like the most. "Looking for anything specific?" I nodded, "Yes, I am. I want roses but I don't know which one to pick." I told her, glancing at her. She nodded, "Well, knowing the meanings of each would help." I nodded, "It would."

The lady set her book down, then grabbed one of each rose. "Well, the purple, means tied to enchantment, desire and even proceeding cautiously. Usually used for a message of, 'Love at first sight'." I nodded as she continued, "Orange is enthusiasm and desire. Most use it for the message of passion and excitement." I watched as she glanced at me, seeing that wasn't the one. "The Pink is, gentility, femininity, elegance and refinement. Dark pink conveys gratitude and appreciation while light; pale pink connote grace and gentleness, admiration and happiness." That could be one, I thought to myself, nodding to her. "Yellow means, friendship, joy and caring. It usually conveys warmth, gladness and affection." She paused, taking a sip of her drink. "White, Representing, humility, purity and innocence. It usually means truth and reverence, it sends a message saying, 'I am worthy of you'." I bit my lip lightly, she continued, "Red, means love. It means romantic love and enduring passion. It conveys respect and the creative spirit of love." I looked at the red rose for a minute, "I want the red and white." The lady nodded, "But, you never want to get a red rose unless you're going to marry the person one day."

"I want those two." I repeated, looking at the lady. She nodded, smiling. "1.45 for each rose. But if you do a bouquet, I'll cut the price in half." I shook my head, "I want a bouquet, but I will pay full price." The lady nodded, "Like my mother said, the costumer knows best." she chuckled to herself, picking out all the flowers. "What color bow?" she asked, holding all the roses together. "White." She handed the flowers to me, I grabbed them; she then got a ribbon and tied it around the stems. "Okay, that will be, 13 even." I nodded going into my pocket and pulling out a twenty, "Keep the rest, I don't need it." I told her, a smile appearing on my face. She smiled back, "The girl must be lucky," she said kindly, "Be safe." I turned around, "You too ma'am." I said as I started walking back to the hospital.

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