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A/n Jen is Harry's creator okay? P.s. PLEASE read the aurthors note at the end. Its NOT a joke.

Four days later.

Baelee's pov.

Something felt different. I don't know why, but it did. I got up from the couch and walked around the house, I'm the only one home I believe. I closed my eyes, sighing. Zayn and Lexi are together now, they're started their new life with each other and Harry, he hasn't been here for the past two days. Trisha was at work and I wanted to get in contact with Jen, but I didn't know how. I did end up using Harry's idea, I drew a lot, I don't even have anymore paper because that's all I've been doing.

Once I opened my eyes, I realized I was in the kitchen.  I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the water bottle,  I popped the top off and took a sip. No it wasn't water, it's blood. Jen had the amazing Idea to do this. "Whatcha drinking?" I jumped, nearly spitting out the little blood that I didn't swallow. I looked over to see Trisha. "Oh um, Kool-aid, cherry flavor." Trisha nodded, setting her purse down a smile on her face. "oh okay," she mumbled, not making any eye contact.

I furrowed my eyebrows, I couldn't hear her thoughts, which was weird; she thinks really loudly. "Why're you so happy?" I asked randomly, trying not to sound rude. She looked up at me quickly, her eyes widened slightly, "Oh nothing." She lied. I only realized she lied is because her voice got a little higher. I nodded, narrowing my eyes. "Okay." I started to walk out the kitchen when Trisha said, "Go get ready, we're going shopping." oh great.

I glanced down at my outfit, I had a plain black and white stripped shirt with black shorts and my old converse. "Okay, we're looking in the little girl's section got it?" she asked, walking quickly into the store. I wouldn't blame her, its like the devil come out and said, fuck the world then made it feel like over 100 degrees. "What size?" I asked her, following her into the girl's section. "Um, 7/8." she mumbled, scanning over some shorts with little flower designs on them. "Why are we doing this by the way?" I asked her, walking over to some dresses. "Um, a for a girl at my work." she mumbled. I nodded slightly, my eyes scanning a lime green dress with light ruffles. I picked it up, "How about this one?" Trisha turned around and looked at it, "Just pick whatever you think is cute," she stated, turning back around.

Setting the dress in the cart, I picked out a few more dresses then some black leggings with a long grey sweater. I looked over at Trisha to see her setting in a pile a clothes. I was taken back by how much she found in such little time, I only got four outfits when she got more then ten. "Okay now, shoes." she mumbled, grabbing the cart and walking out of the little girls section. I followed, I wasn't going to protest. I'm finally out of my boredom.

Before we even got close to the shoes, Trisha already had three pairs picked out. "I like them," I told her a smile appearing on my face. "Okay, go look for a pair of shoes for you while I look for another pair." She told me, quickly walking down another aisle. She didn't give me time to say no. I sighed quietly to myself and found the aisle for teens. My eyes scanned the tons of shoes as I heard the speakers for the radio say something,

"And here is 12 heroes by David Bowie." I nodded my head to the beat and listened to the lyrics. My smile went wide.

"I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be Heroes, just for one day"

Its the song Harry sung when we went out that night. I slowly swayed to the song as I seen some plain black vans. I looked for my size and grabbed them, quickly scurrying to Trisha. I set the shoes down in the cart, quietly singing along to the son which was still playing. "You know this song?" Trisha asked a slightly laugh escaping her lips. I nodded, "Harry sung it to me on our um, first date." I told her, I started to pick at the skin around me nails. "Aww, how sweet." She smiled back at me. after that, we quickly went to check out where Trisha paid over 100 dollars.

I looked over all of the outfits that were laid on the couch, there was a total of twenty. How Trisha got 15 outfits? We may never know. "Baelee, we did good huh?" Trisha asked, smiling proudly. I nodded, "We did. It was quiet for a few minutes before Trisha suddenly said, "Oh god what time is it?" She sounded worried as she took her phone out her pocket. 6:00 p.m. "shit shit shit," she mumbled, grabbing my hand and bringing guiding me over to the front door. "Trisha.." I trailed off, confusion filled my voice. "Close your eyes!" she demanded, going over to the window and glancing out of it. "Just in time," she whispered.

I closed my eyes tightly, it seemed like no lights were on because of how tight they were closed. "Trisha what's going on?" I started to get scared, mostly because of my anxiety. "Baelee, its okay, its just a surprise." She told me, her voice was calm. I felt her hands on my shoulder and she pulled me into a side hug, "Its all okay." her voice was soothing, She must've thought I was going to have a anxiety attack.

I heard a light giggle which confused me, I couldn't tell who it was from. "Shh," the front door opened, I recognized that as Harry's voice.  "ready?" he asked quietly. There was no response which is what confused me the most. "Okay, go get her!"  he said louder. I jumped, letting out a scream as something, well, someone attached their selves to my legs. I opened my eyes, gasping loudly. "Hi Baelee!" Emily cheered, squeezing me tightly. "H-hi.." I stuttered, leaning down so we could hug properly.  I looked up at Harry, he was already smiling; I smiled back, squeezing Emily lightly.

The End.

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