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"Bae, Bae wake up!" I furrowed my eyebrows and opened my eyes, there Harry was kneeling beside me with the lantern beside him. My eyes widen as I backed away from him, "g-get away." I told him, I was in too much in a panic I didn't realize I went into a thick liquid. "Bae stop, it was only a dream." Harry said, crawling to me. I shook my head repeatedly, my thoughts were everywhere. I curled up in a ball, my knees to my chest and my arms wrapped around them. "Bae, you have to believe me. I can prove it to you." He told me, he was on his knees watching my every move. I looked at him, "Prove it then."

The sound of slurping filled the room, I felt like cringing from the horrid sound. Suddenly, I seen myself curled up in a ball. I glanced at the blood that was going to my feet. My face went blank as it met my shoes and before I realized it, I was on my back asleep in the pool of the Sheriff's blood.

I pulled back, my stomach did a flip at the scene that was played for me. Harry watched as I started feeling sick. "Oh shit," Harry swore as he got up. My vision blurred a little before I realized I was outside and puking all over the mud that covered the ground. I felt my eyes water as more of the foul liquid escaped my body. Harry pulled my hair back and rubbed my back, I felt relaxed as he did, "It's okay Bae," he cooed, pulling me back into his house. But it wasn't okay. My throat burned and my mouth had a awful taste to it. I felt weak from the previous even that took place.

Harry slowly walked me to his room, he carefully put me on the bed. "Harry your bed is going to be filthy," I mumbled, trying to get out his bed. He shook his head, "It's fine." he said, walking out the room. I sighed, shaking my head. It's rude to do that. I told myself, laying in the bed still. Harry came back in the room, a plastic bag in one hand and a water bottle in the other. He handed me both of them, "In case you get sick again," he pointed to the bag, "And to get the taste out your mouth." he pointed to the water. I nodded, not questioning how he got the water. I opened the bottle and took a few sips, sighing afterwards. "Would you want to go home or stay here?" Harry asked, looking at me. His face expressed that he didn't care, but his eyes said other wise. "I'll stay." Harry sighed thankfully and got in the bed beside me.

I immediately cuddled into his side, laying my head on his chest as I did. A low chuckle left his lips as he wrapped his arm around me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, we didn't really say or do anything; we just cuddled in his bed. I glanced up at him, he was staring at the blank wall in front of us his face blank.

"Harry, would you ever change me?"

Harry looked at me, his eyes wide. "Oh god, no Bae, getting changed is like throwing yourself in a volcano." He said, shaking his head quickly. I nodded slightly, I didn't look at him as he spoke but I could tell he meant it by his tone. I started to pick at the skin around my fingers, not knowing what else to do. 

"Is that what happened in your dream, is that why you woke up freaked out?" Harry asked his voice was steady and quiet. Hesitantly, I nodded continuing to make no eye contact with him. Harry sighed, lifting me up. Now, I looked at him, watching as he laid down and pulled me with him. I sighed quietly, he had no heart beat, which made it quiet.

"What did you do with the sheriff?" I mumbled, tapping the tip of my fingers on his chest. "basement." I was a little shocked by the answer, but just went with it. The room stayed quiet as the rain started again, it was heavy just like the last time. Flash backs from only hours ago came to mind, squeezing my eyes shut I shook my head. "Harry it wont stop." I whispered, whimpering quietly. Harry sighed, "Bae, just think of something else." he told me, sighing heavily.

I tried remembering good memories to block out the flash backs, they weren't working. My breathing quickened the more graphic it got. "Bae," I looked up at Harry. "Go to sleep." he demanded, his eyes were red and looked at me sternly. Before I could say anything, I was out like a light.

"Yeah, I just found her outside. So I just took her in so she wouldn't get sick."

"That's so sweet of you Harry, here you can come in." I furrowed my eyebrows, opening my eyes. Harry was carrying me to the couch he set me down as my mom continued to talk. "So you live next door you said?" My mom said, wanting to continue the conversation. "Yes ma'am." I watched as Harry gave her a smile, his dimples shown as he did. "Oh, well I'm sorry for your loss. Why didn't you come out?" she asked him, testing him. 

"I didn't think it was him, I just thought a tree fell or something." He told her, I could tell she believed him. She would believe anyone who had an Award winning smile like him. She looked at me, "Oh Bae, you're awake. Harry here helped you last night." A warm smile on her face, "Tell him thank you."

"Thank you Harry." I smiled at him, he gave me a nod before walking to the door. "Now if you excuse me, I have to go." We both nodded, "Okay, be safe Harry." Mom told him, a smile still on his face.

Once he was out the house, my mom quickly walked over. "Bae, he told me everything about you and him at school and all," She said quickly, excitement filled her voice. "All I can say is, I approve." Wait what? I nodded, smiling slightly. "Oh, I'm glad you do mom."

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