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I opened my eyes, my mother wasn't here. I sat up in a slight panic, what if Harry got her as revenge on me running away? I got up and began searching the house, nothing. I gripped my hair in my hands and walked into the kitchen, 6:10. "The sun is just starting to come out.." I whispered, my heart felt like it shattered into millions of pieces. "She's gone." My eyes started getting watery. Bae, I didn't kill your mother. I jumped, Harry's words startled me. I walked over to the wall in the kitchen where we had our last conversation, "How can I believe you?" I said, challenging him. Did you check the front porch? My eyes widen, as I jogged to the front door and opened it. There was my mum, laying on the porch asleep. I sighed and walked out, I tried picking her up but I was useless.

"Would you like some help?" The voice sounded like an older man, I turned to see it was. It was the Sheriff. "Oh um, yes please." Wrong move. Harry's voice said. I ignored him and back up, letting him pick up my mother with ease. I walked in first, "You can set her on the couch." He nodded and set her down gently, "So does she always do this?" he asked, pulling my blanket -which I forgot about- over her. Lie to him. I shook my head, "No, she started acting like this once my father left." I sighed. I told you to lie. And I told the truth. I shot back at Harry.

 "Has she been able to feed you every night?" He asked, walking into the kitchen. I furrowed my eyebrows and followed him. "Um, some nights no. She barely gets any money in her pay to buy food and pay the bills." I said, he nodded. "So how do you eat?" I thought about it, "I eat when I'm at school." He was quiet for a few seconds, "Do you have any relatives?" He looked at me. I nodded, "Yes, my father. But He's in America." I mumbled, shrugging. Sheriff Jones nodded, "Okay, well, I'll come by later to bring you two food. Stay safe sweet heart." He said, walking out the kitchen then the house all together.

I walked over to my mom, squatting down In front of her. I sighed, "Mum why did you do that. You scared me." I mumbled, before standing back up and walking into my room to get ready for school.

I pushed open the door, nobody looked over at me. Thank god. I hurried up and went to my locker. "Hey, did you hear about Lexi?" I heard a guy asked, "No. what happened?" Replied a girl. I grabbed a few books and paused. "Something attacked her last night, she's beat up pretty badly." He said sighing heavily. "They have the cops all over the town thinking the killer from that one night tried to kill her, but failed." Harry. I closed my locker and quickly went to class. 

Everybody looked at me as I did. A girl walked up, one from Lexi's posse. She glared at me, "I know you did it to get back at her you dumb bitch." She said, her high pitch voice giving me a slight head ache. "I didn't do anything. I was at home with my mom." I mumbled, trying to walk around her. She only stepped in my way. "Yeah right. You must've got tired of harming yourself and decided to get Lexi back for everything she put you through." She said, her eyes narrowing.

There was now a crowd around us, I shook my head. "No I didn't. And it seems to be you know a lot so did you do it? Did you get her back for being prettier? Richer? Or stealing your boyfriend?" My eyes widen, You're welcome. Harry's voice echoed. She stayed silent, I shrugged "It's a possibility." I said on my own before walking around her and pushing my way through the crowd. Why did I get brave doing that to her but not Lexi? I sighed silently, Maybe because I know she won't hesitate to get her jock boyfriend on me like she did last year. I walked into class, I honestly don't keep track of what class I'm in unless I have a test in it. I looked at the signs on the wall, Literature.

After school, I didn't go straight home. I didn't want to. I took 15 dollars out of my savings so I could go to the arcade. I haven't been there since I was little. I told myself, walking into the building. I looked around, it was mostly nerds here but I didn't mind, I knew they wouldn't even notice me, they would only play whatever game they were playing. I walked up to the machine that traded the dollars into tokens, I slipped the ten in and watched as the tokens fall into the metal bowl looking thing. I waited until the tokens were done before grabbing a clear clear cup they offer for tokens and scooped them up, watching them drop in the cup. Once I got every token, I walked to the game I was best at. I slipped two tokens in the machine and put my hand on the button, I watched as the bright light circled around. I hit it quickly, 10 tickets. I slipped in another two, repeating the action, 7 tickets.

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