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"Bae, wake up. We're here." I furrowed my eyebrows and opened my eyes, the light in the taxi was really bright. I sat up, looking around. "Where are we?" Harry glanced back, "Lexi shut up," he looked back. "Bradford, like were suppose to be." I nodded and looked behind him, seeing Lexi pacing back and forth quickly. "Is she ok?" I asked him, scooting out the car. He nodded, "Yeah, she's just trying to control herself." I nodded again, leaning on the car and wrapping my arms around me tightly. Its freezing.

Lexi was looking around frantically, her hands were gripping her hair tightly. "God Harry, whatever that is smells so fucking good!" she whined, tugging at her hair. Harry rolled his eyes, setting my suit cases on the ground. I didn't even realize he got them. "I know Lexi, you said it about a half a dozen times." he replied, annoyed. Lexi only glared at him as she continued to pace.

I looked around, seeing we were in front of my aunt's house. I looked at Harry confused, "The driver had the destination in his gps." I made an 'o' shape with my mouth as I picked up my suit case and walked up to the house. God it's late, she's going to be mad that we woke her up. I raised my hand to the door, balling it up in a fist before knocking three times. A few minutes later, there was three knocks back. I furrowed my eyebrows, knocking again. A knock back and a laugh. It wasn't just anyone's laugh, it was my cousin Zayn's.

I groaned, "Zayn, open the door."

A few sounds like the door unlocking was heard before it opened and his face appeared. He was smiling. Zayn chuckled, "You looked a little shocked there Bae," he said, pulling me into a tight hug. I smiled and hugged back, "Well, you don't really expect someone to knock back after you do." I said, moving back. I wasn't even fully away from Zayn when he brushed passed me and looked at Harry who was by the car talking to Lexi who was in the passenger seat. "Is that your boyfriend?" Harry stopped in mid sentence and turned towards us, "Yes I am." he told him before turning back around to Lexi and continued to talk.

"Well, he has great hearing." Zayn mumbled, turning back to me. "Um, yeah he does." Zayn wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a side hug, before guiding me into the house. "So how's everything been?" Zayn asked, yawning. I shrugged, "Its been great, you?" He nodded, "Same here."

We continued chatting for a few minutes before a voice was heard, "Bae?" Harry. I turned to him, seeing he stood at the door awkwardly, there was no porch so he was fine. "Oh, sorry dude come in." Zayn waved, a half laugh escaped his lips. Harry walked in, carrying my suitcase. I must've dropped it when I hugged him. Harry walked over and set the bag down then hugged my waist, allowing his head to rest on my shoulder. Ask for the room in the attic. I nodded slightly, knowing why Harry wanted the room.

"Ok, so I waited all night for you two I'm going to bed. My sisters are gone to see my Dad for a while so you can take their rooms or the one in the attic." I nodded, "The attic." Zayn walked down the hall and stopped in front of his door, "Oh and don't think that cause you're high up and away from everyone, we don't hear anything." Zayn mumbled, humor in his voice. "It didn't work out to well for me so I doubt it would for you too."

I felt my face flush a dark red as I covered my face with my hands, "Oh god Zayn, no." I said embarrassed. Harry was chuckling and so was Zayn. But it soon turned into a yawn as he shut his bedroom door.

"He wouldn't be able to hear anyways, I would make sure they weren't here when it happens." Harry mumbled before he was gone, his presence now in the attic. My eyes widened as I shook my head, Oh my god. I glanced down, seeing my suitcase wasn't there; Harry took it with him. Quickly, I made my way upstairs, I was beyond tired right now. Once I got in the room, I walked over to the bed and got in; falling asleep immediately.

Harry's POV.

I glanced at Bae, her face was now a light pink from when I embarrassed her just a few minutes ago. I chuckled, walking over to her suitcase and opening it. I grabbed a big shirt that must've been her dad's that he left behind before he left them. I walked over to her and carefully pushed her on her back then pulled her shirt off her. I quickly put the bigger shirt on her, not wanting her to wake up and think I'm being a pervert or Zayn walking in to say something and think I drugged her. I tugged off her jeans, they were a little loose on her which is what helped a ton.

Suddenly, I felt Lexi's presences near. I walked down stairs to see her right outside,I opened the door; looking in the house. "Harry, the smell is getting stronger the closer I get to this place." she groaned, leaning on the house. I rolled my eyes, "It's blood Lexi, and if anything its Bae's." I must say, Bae's blood smells amazing, that's why I didn't want to be around her that much in the beginning, I thought I'd loose control and attack her. Lexi scrunched up her nose, "It's not that cunt's blood you dipshit." she said rudely. I glared at her, "She isn't a cunt you whore. Now go find some place to sleep." Lexi glared back, "Oh so you and that bi- Bae get somewhere nice to sleep and I have to find somewhere to sleep?"

"Well, nobody likes you Lexi. Now don't do something stupid and find somewhere to go." I said bluntly before shutting the door and walking back up to the room. Bae was still asleep, curled up in a ball. I chuckled and grabbed the blanket from the bottom of the bed and unfolding it then lay it on top of her. I had nothing to do honestly, I wasn't really tired; not that I even needed sleep anyways, I just do that cause I have nothing else to do during the day.

I glanced around, noticing a small window across the room had its blinds open. Quickly, I walked over and shut them; not needing any sunlight in the room later on.

Bae's POV.

"Bae, maybe we should go out you know, to catch up." Trisha said, as she took a bite of watermelon. I smiled, "Sure, I'd love to." I had to tell Harry before I left the room why they're a little different then us, Trisha and my mom have different Dad's so it will be a little different. Trisha nodded before eating her last piece of fruit, "Go get ready, I'll go wake up Zayn. Of and invite your boyfriend too, I'd love to see him."

 I bit my lip, "Um, He's sleeping. He works at Night.. for his um, uncle." Trisha furrowed her eyebrows a little before nodded, "Oh, well I'll catch him later then yeah?" I nodded, "Yeah, you will." I smiled before walking back up to the room.

When I got back downstairs, they were both ready and waiting by the door. "Finally," Zayn said jokingly. I shook my head, not knowing how to respond to him.

"Where do you want to go?" Trisha asked, glancing at me. I shrugged, "I dunno." When I said that, Zayn mocked me afterwards, "I dunno," he chuckled, "You always say that." I glared at him jokingly, "At least I'm not obsessed with my hair." Zayn looked back, glaring playfully. "My hair is perfection and I need to keep it that way." I decided to just end that conversation there.

"Why don't we see a movie?" Trisha asked.

I nodded, "How about that new move, Um, Our Fault In The Stars or whatever." Zayn said, glancing at the two of us. I furrowed my eyebrows, I haven't heard of that. "Sure." I said, then Trisha agreed to see it too.  The two started a conversation, but I just stayed out of it, leaning in the back seat and just daydream until we got there.

"That is the most emotional movie I ever seen. I wasn't ready for that emotional trauma." I said, wiping under my eyes. Trisha nodded in agreement, hugging me tightly. I hugged back, glancing at Zayn. He was rubbing his face and trying to stay un-noticed. I didn't realize why he was doing it until I seen his palms were a little wet after he whipped his face a few times. I smirked slightly, "Is Zayn Malik crying?" I asked loudly. Zayn looked at us quickly, glaring at me. "No." I laughed, he was crying; Zayn never did cry in front of anyone.

"Shut up Bae." he grumbled, walking to the car. I continued to laugh, if I had a camera I'd take a picture. Trisha chuckled, before setting her hand lightly on my shoulder. "Bae, give him a break. He's been through a lot this past week and he's just finally got a reason to cry." I furrowed my eyebrows and nodded, "Oh ok." Trisha started walking to the car, I followed behind; now feeling bad for laughing at him.

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