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"Zayn, are you ok?" I asked him, walking in his room. Zayn sniffled, shoving something under his pillow. "I-Um, yeah. I'm fine." He mumbled, smiling at me as he wiped under his eyes. "Then why are you crying?" I sat down beside him. "Uh, the movie just, its just yeah." I nodded. He's lying.

I frowned, Zayn never lied to me. "Zayn, don't lie to me." I warned him, our eyes meeting. Zayn gulped, his eyes watering up, "I'm sorry Bae, is just I made a bad choice a few weeks ago and it cost me my girlfriend of a few years." My heart dropped, he never sounded more broken. "Oh Zayn, I'm sorry." I cooed, hugging him tightly. Zayn took in a shaky breath, hugging back. "Its my fault, I shouldn't have been so stupid." he mumbled. "Everyone makes mistakes Zayn, you just need to learn how to move past them." I whispered, remembering mistakes I've done in the past.

"Come on Zayn, I want to show you some of the sketches I've done over the years." I said, hoping it would take his mind off things.

"I like this one," Zayn said, pointing to the one of the couple kissing in the puddle of blood. I took a deep breath, nodding slowly. "I do too, its one of my best." I told him, taking the book from him. "Want to see my drawings?" he asked, glancing at me. I nodded, Zayn was always a better drawer but he preferred spray paint; as in graffiti not colored pencils. Zayn got up, quickly walking towards the kitchen. I followed along, getting excited to see what he's done over the years.

My eyes were wide as I looked around the shed that was turned into his art studio. "Zayn, this is amazing." I told him, lightly brushing my fingers over the picture of a melting heart picture. Zayn smiled, "Yeah, that's one of my favorites by the way." He mumbled, walking over to the blank wall and looking at it. "Why isn't there anything there?" I asked, standing beside him. Zayn shrugged, "I'm waiting for something great to put here, something that actually means something that's forever." I smiled slightly, "Well, that's going to be hard to find." I said, looking at him.

Zayn shook his head, "No, I have a feeling I'm going to find it soon." he told me, a smile playing on his face. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused. But Zayn only chuckled and continued to walk around.

I followed behind him quickly, stepping on his heals a few times. "Bae, if you're going to keep doing that I'm going to kick you out of here." I huffed. "You shouldn't be walking so slow." I told him, making my way beside him.

"Zayn, why do you have so much negativity?" I asked him, my eyes scanning the now darker colors, symbols, everything. Zayn glanced at me, "I should ask the same to you,"

I was taken back, "Um, I don't know. It's just easier to draw the dark." I mumbled, looking down. "It's easier to draw what you know best." Zayn said, walking back to the enterance. I stayed in place for a minute, letting his words sink in. He's right.

"Bae, you coming?" I snapped out of my trance and quickly walked out the shed, helping Zayn shut the heavy door.

"Bae, Invite Harry down to eat." I looked at Trisha, starting to get choked up. "Um," Tell her I'm a picky eater. "Um, Harry's a very picky eater, he only eats a few things."  So do you. A shiver ran up my spine as my cheeks went a light pink, he's so cheeky.

Trisha nodded, "Oh, well oh well, just make sure he eats okay?" I nodded, smiling at her. "Will do." I told her, grabbing my bowl of Mac n' cheese and walking up to Harry and I's room.

"Harry, why would you say that?!" I asked him, my cheeks flushed when I seen him smirk at me. "What? I'm telling you the truth." He laughed, sitting up. I shook my head and walked over to him, sitting beside him. I was going to get comfy, but Harry pulled me into his lap; my legs on either side of him so I straddled him. "What is that?" he asked, looking in my bowl confused. "Mac n' Cheese." I smiled, taking a bite and chewing happily. "Harry, have you ever heard of Mac n' Cheese?" I asked him, glancing up at him as I took another bite.

"No." I nearly choked, I looked up at him quickly. "Never?" He shook his head awkwardly, "No.. I haven't." I thought fore a moment, "Want to try a little?"  Harry gave me the 'seriously' look. "Don't you remember what happened last time?" I looked at him confused then thought about it, the memory of Harry trying the small piece of candy flooded my mind. "Oh, yeah." I mumbled, continuing to eat the food.

I set the bowl down next to Harry as I laid my head on Harry's shoulder, "I ate too much." I mumbled, rubbing my stomach. Harry parted his lips to say something, but the door opened before he could and Zayn walked in.

His face went blank. "Bae, is there something you need to tell me?" he asked slowly, his eyes glancing at my stomach then Harry. I looked at him confused, "No?" Zayn looked at Harry, he only shook his head. "No, she's full. Not pregnant." My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I looked at Zayn, "You thought-" Zayn put his arms up in defense, "I'm sorry usually pregnant girls rub their stomach!" I frowned, "So does people who are full."

Zayn didn't say anything else to us, he just walked out the room and yelled, "Mom, next time you're going to check on them!"

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