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Harry's POV.

I could see Bae, her unconscious body laying on the plain white bed with a sheet covering her body. She breathing was softly and she looked at peace. But, she wasn't. Something was wrong, but I couldn't tell what it was. It was as if there was something blocking me. Suddenly, her eyes opened. They were filled with pain and confusion.  Her eyes started to scan the room, her hands going up to her temples to rub them. Her eyes met a nurse, she was looking through papers. The nurse turned, looking confused at Bae. They started taking, but i couldn't hear anything like I usually could do. Dammit. After a few minutes, the nurse raised her pointer finger, signaling, 'hold on' then hurried out the room.

"Harry," I jumped, looking over to see Trisha. "Calm down sweetie, she's going to be okay." She smiled warmly at me, setting her book down. I nodded, "I know, but its been two days now." I mumbled, rubbing my face. "Hey, the doctors said we'd get results in an hour or so, just calm down." I looked at Lexi, I wanted to tell her to shut up or fuck off but she was right, the nurse came out about ten minutes earlier and told us that.

I sighed, leaning back in the chair. "Trisha, may I see your crossword puzzle?" I asked nicely. 

"Sure hun," She said, going into her purse and pulling it out then handing it over to me.  I flashed her a smile before taking it and flipping to a random page. Dracula. I rolled my eyes, ha ha.

I looked over the words I needed to find, bat, fangs, blood and death. I furrowed my eyebrows, shaking my head. They always assume death when it comes to vampires. I looked at the rows of randomly set letters, finding, 'bat' and a few other other words that were down the list.

As I continued to look for words, the doctor walked out. I looked up quickly, his face showed no emotion. But his thoughts said otherwise. He kept thinking, 'how am I going to tell them this?' 'what's the best way to put this?'  I glanced at Zayn and Lexi, they both nodded, they read his thoughts too. The doctor stopped right before us, he hand his hands on his waist, taking a good look at the four of us. His eyes stopped at Trisha, who was picking at her nails nervously.

"Mrs. Malik, I have some bad news.." he started off, sighing heavily. Trisha had tears coming to her eyes already, her hopes of Bae being okay, now crushed.

"Baelee has a blood clot in her brain."

Those few words felt like I was getting stabbed in the chest, how did she get a blood clot? how didn't I sense it? I looked at Trisha, she had tears streaming down her face. Zayn then got up and walked over to her, hugging her tightly. She started sobbing into his shoulder, she didn't hold anything back. The doctor walked over to Trisha, setting his hand on her shoulder. "Mrs. Malik, I came out here to give you the news and tell you something else," he stated, holding his clipboard out to her. 

"We can do surgery to try and get it out of her, but its a 50/50 chance of her living." Trisha was now looking at the clipboard, her eyes scanned over the papers that were held there. She grabbed it, "I'll take the chance." She stated, not looking at any of us for an opinion. "I've lost one important person in my life, I'm not losing another."  she said out loud, signing the papers.

The doctor pulled the clipboard away, scanning over the papers. "Okay, she will be rushed into surgery asap. I'll send her nurse out for you to sign more papers allowing us to give her the corrective medicines and the right fluids." Trisha nodded, she still had tears escaping her eyes, her eyes were puffy and cheeks were a light shade of red. The doctor then turned around and started to walk away.

I glanced down at the crossword puzzle, the words, fangs, blood and death still wasn't found. I furrowed my eyebrows then looked at at Zayn who's hugging his mum tightly. Then I realized it, I couldn't see Zayn's future before he died and I can't even see Bae's. My eyes widened.

Suddenly, Lexi gasped. I looked at her, she must've read my thoughts. But she wasn't looking at me, she was looking past me. I quickly looked over to see Zayn, his eyes were bright red and his lips were parted, showing his fangs. "Dammit," I murmured. quickly getting up and grabbing Zayn's arm. "Sorry Trisha, we need to go." I pulled Zayn away from her and pushed him towards Lexi who grabbed his arms and dragged him out the hospital. "We will be back as soon as possible, call Zayn if anything happens." Trisha took a shaky breath in before nodding. I gave her a quick hug before rushing out the hospital, following the sound of Zayn and Lexi's voices.

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