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"Harry, did you know this was going to happen?" I asked him, my arms still tightly around Zayn. Harry shook his head, "No I didn't see it." I sighed, looking at Zayn. He was hugging a pillow tightly, none of us has spoken since I told him sorry; that was an hour ago.

"He's one of them?" Zayn asked suddenly, he sounded alarm. Harry nodded, "But I'm not like Lexi, I can control myself." he mumbled, sitting on the love seat. "So you won't attack me?" Harry shook his head, resting his arms on his knees. "..And what are you exactly?" Harry chuckled, a smile coming across his face. "A vampire." Zayn nodded, staying silent for a moment to take everything in.

 Zayn looked at me suddenly, "Are you one too?" I shook my head, "No, I'm not." Zayn nodded, sighing in relief. It became an awkward silence then, we were all looking around with no clue on what to do. 

"Zayn, you can't tell anyone!" Harry nearly shouted. 

Zayn and I both jumped, looking at Harry quickly. Zayn had a confused look on his face. "You have loud thoughts," Harry stated before he went serious again. "You can't tell, if you do terrible things could happen to all of us." Zayn just shook his head, setting the pillow aside and muttering.  "I'm going to sleep, this is too overwhelming." Zayn got up then walked out the living room then to his room.

"If that little shit tries to tell, I swear to god-" I cut Harry off, 

"What are you going to do? Kill him?" I asked, looking at him. 

Harry looked taken back as he shook his head, "I wouldn't do that and you know it." he muttered, looking around. We we're looking for Lexi, Harry couldn't sense her around and it worried him. I nodded, then looked at Harry quickly, "Harry, can Lexi do charms too?" Harry nodded, "Yeah, why?" Harry paused, realizing why I brought it up. "Fuck," Harry grabbed my waist quickly and lifted me up, I knew what he was doing as soon as Harry said, "Hold on tight." Before I could even grip his shirt, a gush of wind blew past us and we we're already there.

I ran in the house as soon as Harry set me down, my feet taking up to Zayn's room. The smell of blood basically attacked me as I swung the door open. "Lexi!" I screeched, running towards her. She had Zayn pinned to the floor in a daze as she quickly started to drain him. Without thinking, I grabbed one of Zayn's skateboards and lifted it up and in one swift movement, I swung hard; hitting Lexi's head. The board snapped in half as Lexi was forced off Zayn and onto the floor beside him.

  Lexi glared at me, her red eyes frightening me. "You fucking bitch!" she yelled, grabbing my legs and pulling them. I yelped as my feet were pulled from under me, I hit the ground with a loud thump. Lexi pulled me to her, her hands quickly wrapping around my neck once I was under her. My eyes widened as I grabbed her hand, trying to pry them off me. "I fucking hate you!" Lexi kept screaming as she added pressure to my neck.

I couldn't breath, I tried to gasp for air but nothing came. A smirk came upon Lexi's face, "Oh your lover can't save you now, can he? He needs that stupid invite." she snickered, her voice was filled with pure hatred. Harry! I thought, I kept repeating his head in my mind, hoping he could do something, anything. "I'm not going to make this quick, you deserve to suffer." Lexi hissed, digging her nails into my skin. I could only glare at her.

Suddenly, the window flung open and Harry tumbled in. Lexi was yanked off of me and I could get oxygen into my system.I gasped for air, feeling my neck; Lexi's nails hurt like shit. I could feel a little blood from where Lexi's nails were, but I ignored them and crawled to Zayn who was shaking on the floor. My eyes widened, I set my hands on his shoulders trying to hold him down. "Harry, what's happening?!" I cried, but I didn't get a reply. I turned to see Lexi was gone and Harry on the floor shaking violently. Why me? I asked myself, hurrying over to Harry.

I nearly screamed when I seen blood all over him, it was going out from basically everywhere, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, ears, even his scalp. "Harry?!" He didn't reply, I didn't know what to do. This was to overwhelming.  My eyes started to water as I grabbed both their hands, squeezing them tightly. Slowly, tears started to slip from my eyes, both of them shaking violently and I don't know what to do.

Then I remembered, Harry didn't get an invite; He came in without one. "I'll be back Zayn, I promise." My voice cracked as I stood up, grabbing both of Harry's arms and trying to drag him out the room. It didn't help that he was shaking and he was basically dead weight.

After what felt like years, I finally got to the back door. I opened it quickly then rushed to grabbed Harry again then pull him out. I let go of him, noticing he quickly stopped shaking.  "Harry?" I whispered, bending down next to him. He looked like he was in a day dream, but he looked sick also. I took a deep breath in, getting up and going to the kitchen; I grabbed a knife from the drawer and brought it to my wrist, I pressed the sharp blade to my wrist and slowly sliding it. I gasped as blood quickly poured out of me. I dropped the knife and ran back to Harry, I knelt down; bringing my wrist to his lips. 

Harry snapped out of his gaze quickly, his eyes were a dark red. He gripped my wrist tightly as he attached his lips to my wrist, sucking the blood out quickly. I sucked in a sharp breath, holding in a scream. The painful liquid started to take my bloods place the more Harry took out. "H-Harry," I whimpered, trying to move my wrist away. Harry's eyes flashed green as he looked at me, his eyes widened as he pulled away. "Fuck, shit Bae." he swore, looking around. He looked at my wrist, "Wrap something tight around that then we need to get Zayn." I nodded, getting up and rushing inside.

I grabbed the first thing I seen, a hand towel. I wrapped it around my wrist and got it into a some what knot. I went back outside to see Harry at Zayn's window, trying to get in. "Harry no!" I yelled, watching as he went inside and came back a few seconds later with Zayn over his shoulder. I cringed as Harry jumped from the second floor and onto the ground below. Harry laid Zayn down as he yelled, "Lexi, get your ass back here!" I walked over, kneeling by Zayn; he wasn't shaking anymore. Lexi came back quicker than I expected, rage still filled her eyes as she glared at us both. "Give him your blood." Harry demanded. She cringed, "No."

Harry glared, "I'm your creator and you will do as I say, now give him some of your fucking blood!" Lexi continued to glare at us as she bent down, bringing her wrist to her lips and biting down. Her blood poured out her wrist as she brought it down to Zayn's mouth, letting her blood fall into his parted lips. I looked at Harry, "A-Are we going to have to snap his neck?" I asked him, remembering my dream. Harry sighed and shook his head, "No, he's already dead. He bled to death." I nodded slightly, guilt starting to take over. He didn't want this.

Lexi moved her wrist away shortly after, "Okay fuck-face, your turn." I frowned, undoing the towel and bringing my wrist to his lips. "After this, you're going to the hospital." Harry told me, watching as my blood dripped into Zayn's mouth. I cringed, this is disgusting. Harry knelt down, grabbing the hand towel. I took that as a sign to bring my wrist to him. He quickly wrapped it around my wrist and knotted it. "Lexi, bring Zayn inside." he mumbled, standing up. Lexi opened her mouth to say something but Harry only gave her a stern look. She huffed and picked Zayn up like he was a pillow before disappearing.

I tried to stand up but fell back down immediately; I was dizzy, very, very dizzy.  Harry picked me up bridal style, "You need to get to the hospital now." he rushed before a blur and a rush of wind surrounded us.

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