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I looked out at the dark sky, the clouds were black and rain was pouring. He's going to be here soon. Harry reminded me, I bit my lip, shuttering. I looked down, my suit case was packed on my bed and Harry, well he's next door waiting. We set up a plan last night, Harry said if everything goes right, I can be with my mom for however long I wanted and I can still see him. I turned around, my mom was at the couch asleep. Harry told me to give her some medicine so she'll be asleep for the whole thing.

A dim light hit the window, it got brighter the closer it came. The Sheriff. I stood at the door, my jacket tightly around me. I looked down, doubting this all. Why am I doing this? Can't Harry just erase his memory? I looked around the house, my breathing picked up some. I looked up at the door, he knocked like a maniac. Hesitantly, I opened the door, seeing him soaked and a big smile on his face. "Are you ready for a better life?" he asked as I opened the door more, allowing him in. I didn't answer, leaving my mom won't be better. It will only make things worse. "Where's your suit case? I'll carry it for you." I pointed back to my room. He nodded and started walking to my room.

"I'm not going." I said quietly. The sheriff turned around, "What?" his face was full of confusion. "I'm n-not going. Y-You can't make me." I stepped back to the front door. "Bae, you have to go. It's for the best." I shook my head, bringing my hands to my hair and pulling harshly. "NO!" I screamed, turning and running out. I ducked under the wooden beam that separated the porches and basically ran into the door.

 "Bae!" I heard him yell after me, I felt my eyes watering, If I had any doubts then I should turn back now. I don't. I shook my head, grabbing the knob and twisting it. The door flew open with me tumbling in. "Bae that's not your house, get out!" I heard him yell. Tears started to pour out of my eyes as I scurried into the house, I stopped once I was at the beginning of the hall way. I looked at the front door, the sheriff standing just before the door. "Bae, come on now." He said, motioning for me to come over. I shook my head, "I-I told you no.." I don't know why I was crying, it must be the thought of leaving my mom or going with a murder.

The sheriff sighed, "Bae, you can come back when she gets her act straight. I promise." He told me, taking a few steps in the house. I stood still, Harry's presence filling the room. The sheriff was half way to me when a growl echoed from above me, a loud gasp leaving the sheriffs lips.

 I flinched at the noise, it was louder than the rain; the rain sounded as if it was hail falling and hitting the area around us. I looked down, bringing my knees to my chest. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash to the floor and the horrid sound of bones cracking. I squeezed my eyes shut, wrapping my arms tightly around my knees. The sheriff's muffled screams could be heard throughout the house.

A slurping noise was now the main noise in the room, it made my stomach twist in the worst of ways; a dark liquid slowly made its way to my shoes. I scooted back, not wanting it to touch me. 

It was quiet now, it felt like hours but I knew it was only seconds. Harry walked over to me, kneeling down on one knee. "You did so good Bae," his voice was low as he brushed a strand of my hair back. I didn't say anything still, I kept my eyes to the floor. Harry tilted my head up with his finger, I looked up at him. The dark liquid on his face still. He cupped my cheek with his hand, leaning down slowly. "I'm so proud of you, babygirl." he whispered before his lips met mine. The dark liquid, the Blood was still on his lips, his hand too. He slowly moved his lips against mine, his other hand cupping my other cheek.

Harry deepened the kiss, his tongue swiping over my bottom lip. I parted my lips slightly, regretting it once the taste of blood filled my mouth as his tongue explored my mouth. I cringed, pulling away. Harry sighed, "Just wait, in a few hours you'll be doing this yourself and actually enjoy the taste." I looked at him, confusion running through me. "W-What?" Harry stood up, "Just give it a minute." I was about to stand up, but a burning feeling shot through me. I gasped loudly, clenching where my heart is. "There we go." Harry said as a scream escaped my lips. Harry only looked down at me, watching as I fell back, shaking in pain. "H-Harry help." I cried out, squeezing my eyes shut. "I am, babygirl I am." He mumbled as he laid down beside me. His hands grabbed the sides of me face, "H-Harry no p-please.." I said, knowing what he was going to do.

"I'm only helping."

 I opened my eyes once more, "Harry n-" My vision went black.

My vision was blurry as I opened my eyes. I rubbed them, black dots slowly faded away as my vision slowly came back. I furrowed my eyebrows, everything seemed to look better. My eyes kept scanning the room, I was in Harry's house. My head snapped over to the open door, where Harry stood. "Bae, you look better then I thought you would. With the red eyes, I mean." I stood up, getting dizzy. 

"With the what?" 

Harry chuckled, "The red eyes." 

Red eyes? Red? My eyes widened, "Y-You changed me?" I asked him. He nodded, "Of course, why wouldn't I?" he asked, taking a few steps to me. "I-I didn't want that.." I told him, shaking my head. Harry chuckled, "But I did. And what I want, I get."

I clenched my jaw, shaking my head again. "Change me back." I demanded. Harry looked at me amused then laughed, "Bae, once you're dead. You're dead. There is no going back." Anger boiled in me, I didn't want this, I only wanted to be his friend and help him. "It's amazing how oblivious you can be. I gave you all the signs, even done most of the steps. Well, I don't them all now." I reached my hands to my head, gripping my hair and pulling at it. "What where they? What were the steps? The signs?"

Harry didn't move, he stood his ground. "First, I fed off you, Releasing my venom into your petite body," he smiled, his fangs showing. "Then, I let you feed off me," He lifted his wrist. "Then, gave you blood of a human and killed you." He said smoothly. I kept shaking my head, not believing this one bit. "You're a monster." I hissed, looking him dead in his eyes. "And you're the monsters new born." He laughed evilly.

Finally, I just snapped. I ran towards him, tackling him to the floor. Harry skidded out to the porch, me following behind. "I hate you!" I screamed, bringing my fist down quickly, hitting his jaw. Harry still laughed, This was a game to him. "Oh come on, you cant hate me. I saved you, remember? And I helped you stay with your mother. Plus, while you were changing I got that bitch who picked on you. What's her name, Lexi, right? Yeah Lexi. And, when we first met I seen that look in your eyes. Curiosity, you were drawn to me." He said, his eyes never leaving mine. "You don't hate me Bae.." his voice was suddenly soft.

I shook my head, "I won't fall for your mind tricks anymore you bastard." I told him, reaching over and grabbing the wooden beam. Harry's eyes went wide as he reached for my arm. I pinned his arms down with my legs, Harry struggled with getting loose. "Oh, so new born's are stronger." I said aloud, ripping the wooden beam from its place. "I thought you were a better person Harry, but I guess not." I told him, Lifting up the wood.

 "Bae N-"

Before he could finish, I plunged the wood in his chest. "Goodbye Harry." I said quietly, twisting the wood in his chest.

Harry's body turned to dust. He was gone. She told herself, standing up. She shook her head over and over, usually she would cry because of this. She considered Harry as a friend, her only friend.

 She wished things went different, she wished this didn't happen. She wished she could just start over new and wished this past few weeks went better than they actually did. "But not everything has a happy ending, now does it?" she told herself, lifting the 2 by 4 to her chest and plunging it into her chest. "I love you mom and I'm sorry." She whispered, twisting the wood harshly.

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