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I didn't go to school today, I couldn't. Last night was just.. horrific. I don't want to see the scene that was left behind. I just want to stay at home and draw what I saw over and over, I don't know why but I just do. Plus, my mum wouldn't even realize. Shuffling was heard from my mums room, I stayed quiet as I watched her walk past my door. Her night gown clinging loosely around her body as she hugged herself. It broke my heart to see her so broken. But I can't do anything about it, her heart will always be with my dad. My dad who only broke it.  I continued to stay quiet, I heard the chair from the table scrape across the floor then her sobbing. I didn't like this, I didn't like seeing her cry, I didn't like seeing her work her ass off just for me and I didn't like that she cried for a man that doesn't deserve it.

Suddenly, the phone rang. I heard my mom's gasp all the way from the kitchen. I heard her feet shuffling across the wooden floors. "Hello?" her voice was shaky as she spoke. I looked at my book and slowly flipped the page, I grabbed my black colored pencil and started to draw her, my mom. I drew the table, her cup of coffee, check book and most importantly, her. I was only doing this fast because I was doing the outlines, I'll finish it when I don't with the two pairs of red eyes I drew. Harry's red eyes. I heard the front door slam closed, I furrowed my eyebrows and got up, walking to my mom's room. Her night gown was on the floor and her dresser drawers were open. I sighed, I zoned out. Walking back into my room, I grabbed my pencil's and sketchbook. All I ever did was draw honestly, it helped me escape the real world.

I finished both drawing's. What to do now. I sat at the kitchen table, thinking. I never usually done this, after I was done with one drawing another imagine would come to mind and I'd draw it. But nothing came to mind. I tapped the red pencil on the table, sighing heavily.

"God dammit John!" My eyes widen at the voice, Harry's. It sounded half normal and half demonic, it seemed like he was trying his hardest to stay calm but was failing. I didn't hear the older man reply. I started to worry about the man, What if Harry was hurting him? I got up slowly, and walked to the empty wall in the kitchen. Their house is exactly like ours, I would know. I went in that house all the time when my parents were fighting. They were in the kitchen just like I was. I leaned over, my ear on the wall hoping I could hear 'John's' voice. "I killed three people last night! All because you! You fucking klutz!" Harry yelled, I gasped. He's joking.. right?

It went quiet suddenly, I bit my lip. What's going on? I asked myself, hearing nothing still. Suddenly, there was a knock on the wall. My breathing hitched as Harry started to talk, his voice was normal now. Low, deep and calm. "Shouldn't you be in school?" Harry asked calmly. I didn't say anything, How did he know I was here? I heard a laugh, it must be Harry's. "Want to talk about what you saw last night?" He asked his voice was still calm. I shook my head, but then remembered he couldn't see me. "N-No, I don't.." I said quietly. "Okay." Harry replied, his tone was different, like he hoped I said yes.

I heard them talking again, Harry was quiet but John was loud. "Harry I don't know what you want me to do. Now unless you want me to break into her house and get h-" He was cut off. My eyes widen as I ran to the front door, locking the door. My heart was beating fast as I heard their voices get louder. "Just get the fuck out!" I heard Harry yell, anger clearly in his voice. I heard more shuffling then their front door slam shut. "Dumb bitch." I heard the man growl before he stomped down the porch stairs.

Everything was quiet after that, I still stood in front of the door my heart beat calming down. Why was I even talking to Harry? I asked myself as I walked back to the kitchen, knowing the door is locked and I'm safe. I sat at the table again, "Just act like that didn't happen." I told myself, picking up a colored pencil.

"But it did." I looked over at the wall, Harry. I stayed quiet. Why did the walls have to be so thin? "I know you're in there. You can't just ignore me." A few things came to mind, one was Lexi saying, "Don't ignore me bitch." This is why I draw, because if I'm not occupied I start thinking and when I think I end up in the bathroom, trying to stop the bleeding from my wrist. I didn't realize I zoned out again until I heard another knock on the wall. "Hello?"

Please leave me alone. "No, I wont." My eyes widen, He's just talking to himself. I looked at the wall. "Harry.. did you.." It was quiet for a few minutes, "Yes, I did." I took a deep breath, getting overwhelmed. Calm down Bae, don't freak out. I told myself,  keeping my breathing steady. "How.." I asked just above a whisper. "Just meet me outback tonight at 10, okay?" He said, hoping I would agree. I bit my lip and nodded, "Okay.." it was quiet for a few minutes. I started to believe he was going to leave me alone. "Bring your sketchbook too." God please make him leave me alone. I begged, I didn't answer. He overwhelmed me enough. I grabbed my book and pencils, bringing them to my room and put them in the top drawer. I walked into the living room and turned the T.V. on.

"This morning, three people were found dead in a car this morning. There was no evidence of who done it, but there necks were slit open. Police are now searching for the murderer of this horrific killing. If you have any clue on who did this, please call (xxx) xxx-xxxx."


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