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I opened my eyes feeling cold and odd. I sat up and looked around, my room. My window is open. I got up and walked over, pushing my window to the right so it would close. I walked out the room and checked the whole house, everything was same; except for my mom being gone, she must've went to work.

 I walked into the kitchen and almost screamed, the sheriff was sitting at the table a cup of coffee in his hand and a paper in the other. "What are you doing here?" I asked him, noticing there was a bag in the center of the table. "Oh, I came to give you two some food. The door was opened so I let myself in, I was hoping to have a chat with your mother as well. But it seems like your mother is gone, where is she?" I furrowed my eyebrows, I don't know. "Um.." Lie Bae, say she's paying the bills.

I decided to take Harry's words on the count of last night, "She went to pay some bills." He looked at me, his face full of amusement. "At six in the morning?" I nodded, "Yes, she doesn't like traffic." I said, sitting at the table. He nodded, "Oh I see. Well if you happen to see her, give her my number. We need to talk." He said, taking out a small notebook and writing his number down. I nodded and took the paper, folding it. "I hope you like pancakes, they're from McDonalds." He smiled before walking out. I waited until I heard the door open, the close before I start took out the food and started eating.

I walked into the living room, turning the TV on. The news was on. "This morning, four bodies were discovered in an alley. Their heads were ripped off and blood was everywhere. They're all boys and seemed to be under the influence. One of the boys, Identified as Josh Parker was one of them that died. The midnight killer has struck again and this time, worse than he has before. If you have any information or seen anything suspicious, please call the number on the screen below, (xxx) xxx- xxxx." Oh trust me, I have a ton. I thought, seeing it was 7 on the corner of the screen. I don't want to go to school. I can't. I thought, replaying the scenes from last night. I switched the TV off and walked in the kitchen, knocking on the hollow wall.

"Harry..?" I mumbled, hoping he would answer. He did shortly after, "Yes Bae?" I bit my lip, debating if I should ask. "C-Can I come over?" I asked softly. It was quiet for a few minutes, I was going to take it as a no but Harry answered. "Yeah, come over whenever." I sighed of relief and nodded, "Okay." I went into my room and got my bag of ''now or laters", my chips and drink that I never ended up having last night. I got my sketch pad and colored pencils also.

I walked to the front door and paused, I got on my tip toes and looked through the peep-hole. I watched as the sheriff pulled out of the now empty driveway. I furrowed my eyebrows and decided to go out the back. Good choice. Harry said, his voice calm. I walked to the back and opened the door, the backyard was empty and the snow had dissolved. I walked over, crouching under the beam that separated the houses porch's. I reached my hand up to knock but the door opened. I nearly dropped my stuff but Harry quickly grabbed it.

My eyes widen, "Harry get inside! the sun!" I said in a panic. Harry chuckled and looked around, "I seem to be in the shadow of the house. Now if you went to the front door, it would be a totally different story." I glanced around, he was right. "Oh." He stepped back, "Come in." he said softly. I nodded and walked in, looking around the place. It was a bit trashy and dark, but it felt comfy. I heard the back door close as I walked down the hall, "Just go in the living room, or my room it's the one at the very end on the left. Where my room is basically. "Okay." I looked in his room, seeing his bed was made and his room was clean. I walked in and sat on the bed, it was soft.

Harry walked in shortly after, he had my stuff in his hands. "Oh sorry I meant to take that.." I said quickly, reaching out for them. He shook his head and handed me my things, "It's fine love." my stomach did a weird thing, like a flipped. a light blush appeared on my cheeks, but I ignored it, "Do you mind if I eat in here?" I asked hopefully. He nodded, "Yeah but put the trash in the bin." He said as he sat on the bed and pointed to it. It was between the bed and nightstand. I nodded and decided to eat some of my 'now or laters' first. I took out the green apple and opened the packet then the wrapper.

I popped it in my mouth and chewed, smiling as I did. I love these things. I thought, opening the next one. I glanced at Harry who was watching me, he didn't even try to hide that he was. "Um, do you want to try one?" I asked him, holding it out awkwardly. He examined it for a moment, 


 I was a little amused as he took the candy from my hand and popped it in his mouth as I did. I swallowed my candy as he  chewed his. A small smile appeared on his face, "It's good." he said, swallowing the candy. I nodded in agreement, "I know."

As I opened the next piece of candy, Harry scrunched up his face. "Harry are you-" he was already out the room, I heard him puking from all the way here. I got out the bed and hurried to the bathroom to see him bent over the toilet, gagging. "Harry, are you okay?" I asked him, walking up behind him and rubbing his back. "Y-Yeah, just go back in the room." he said breathlessly. "But Harry-" Harry made a weird twitching movement, "Now." His demonic voice came into play. I took a sharp breath in and scurried to his room. I got in the bed and pulled the comforter over me, making myself believe this would save me if he was to come in here and possibly kill me.

I heard Harry stumbling in the room, I peeked out from under the comforter and saw him looking paler than he already is, he looked weak as he fell on the bed. "Harry," I said a bit loud, crawling from under the blanket and cupping his cheeks. "Are you okay? Is there any-" His eyes went red, he parted his lips slightly; showing his teeth. Two were longer than the rest, showing they were his fangs. He looked me dead in the eyes, his demonic voice saying "Go to sleep." Before anything could happen, everything went black.


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