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I mean't to add this quote in the last chapter.

"Somtimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you."

Baelee's pov.

I stood just before the exit of the hospital, the sun's rays were blocked from the small tent looking thing that was attached the top of door's frame. I looked at Harry, his hand was holding mine tightly and he was standing stiffly beside me. "Ready?" He glanced at me and nodded, "Last time I went out in the sun, I caught on fire." he whispered, stepping to the door; I followed him, watching as the doors opened. Harry now froze in his spot.

"Harry, come on." Zayn said, pushing him forward lightly. Harry glanced back at him before nodding, his curls flopped lightly as he did. A slight smile appeared on my face as I walked forward, pulling him with me. He slowly followed, his hand meeting the sunlight first. Harry gasped, his eye were wide as he walked out the building. He looked at his hands, then up his arms. He parted his lips slightly, swearing under his breath.

"So how does it feel?" I asked him, smiling. I must admit, it does feel amazing. My cold body suddenly getting taken over by the sun's heat. Its a very amazing feeling. Harry smiled wide, "I haven't had this feeling in, forever," he mumbled, rubbing his arms. Harry suddenly started to look around, his eyes wide. He looked like a kid in a candy shop. I glanced around too, well there is a lot of people around, so I wouldn't doubt it.

Harry grabbed my other hand before pulling me out to the side walk; a wide smile was pastured on his face as he started to spin us in circles. Soft giggles escaped my lips. My eyes never left Harry as everything around us became a blur.

"Baelee, its time to go." I heard Trisha say, but her voice came out odd, hence we were spinning. Slowly, we came to a stop, the world around us seemed to be spinning as our eyes adjusted to everything. I looked at Trisha, she was smiling wide as she waved us over to the car. I looked at Harry, his smiled dropped as he sighed quietly and started walking to the car.

"Trisha, can we just walk home?"

Harry looked at me, his smile reappearing; he squeezed my hand lightly. "Of course but, do you really want to?" She asked, confusion filled her voice. I smiled at her, glancing at Harry. "I'm positive." She nodded then looked at Zayn and Lexi, "Do you two want a ride?" They both nodded, "Yes please." I smiled at them and waved, 'bye'. "See you guys later," Zayn said, shutting the passenger door. Harry pulled me into a side hug as Trisha waved 'bye' and drove off.

The car slowly disappeared as Harry asked, "So, what do you want to do?" I shrugged, its not ike there is much to do here. "Let's just walk around I guess." I told him, looking around. "Okay," he mumbled, walking away from the hospital with me following along.

After what felt like hours of walking around the city, we finally stopped at a park. We were both sitting down at a bench and making small talk when a woman walked up. "So this is the lucky girl?" I furrowed my eyebrows, looking at Harry confused. "Yes, she is." Harry replied, giving her a smile. "She's very lucky to have a man like you," she stated, smiling at me. I smiled back, still not understanding anything that was going on. "Baelee, this is the lady that helped me pick out the flowers for you." I nodded, then my eyes widened, "Harry we forgot the flowers!" I frowned, looking at him.

Harry shook his head, "No, when Zayn helped Trisha bring your stuff to the car, he took the flowers too." Oh. I nodded, looking back at the lady. "You are a very beautiful couple," she started before she turned to her cart and grabbed a dark pink English rose. "And this is a gift for the two." She said kindly, holding it out to me. I bit my lip, shaking my head. "No, I can't take this." She shook her head, "No, I insist."

I looked at her for a moment before grabbing the Flower and smiling. "Thank you." She smiled warmly before she leaned on her flower cart. "Out of all the years I've been at this cart, I've never seen a couple quite like you two." She stated, her eyes never leaving us. I would've blushed from her compliment, but I couldn't. I had no sorce of body heat to make a bush appear. "Thank you." Harry said, his smile wide as he held me close to him. The lady chuckled, "Oh I wish I had a camera, that would be a beautiful picture to take." I'm glad you don't. I glanced at Harry, he thinks very loudly.

The lady glanced at her cart, "Oh!" she grabbed a small card from her apron and handing it to Harry. "If you ever need flowers, just call, Now I have to go. Have a wonderful day darlings." She said in a rush before pushing the cart away from us. "That's odd," I half laughed, looking at Harry. He nodded, slipping the small piece of paper in his pocket. He shook his head, "No, she had a doctors appointment." He looked at me and chuckled, "I seen the paper taped to her stand" I nodded, making an 'o' shape with my lips.

It was quiet for a few moments, before Harry leaned over and kissed my cheek. "I love you." Leaning my head on his, I mumbled, "I love you too." Suddenly, the flower was lifted to my face and slowly started to shake. I giggled, the action tickled just under my nose; the flower was moved and soon after, I sneezed. "Bless you," Harry chuckled, setting the flower in his lap.

I looked around the park, seeing kids, parents, grandparents, even a man pushing a cart who was selling Ice cream and balloons. I smiled, it looked beautiful today. "Harry, have you ever saved anyone?" I asked suddenly, my eyes not looking away from the kids playing on the swing set. There was a lot of kids, they all worse the same uniform. Navy blue shirt with either kacki pants or skirts. The girls had their hair in two braids just behind their ear and the boy's hair was combed down neatly.

"Well, I saved you." I glanced at him, "Other then me." Harry thought for a moment, before he was suddenly gone. "Harry?" My voice was full of confusion as I looked around the park, he was no where in sight. A loud scream was heard from behind me, I turned quickly to see Harry under a tree and holding a little girl in his arms.

"Oh god," I mumbled under my breath, quickly walking over to them. "What happened?" I asked, watching Harry set the girl down. She was shaking lightly and clinging to Harry's leg. "Her foot slipped and she fell out the tree, I caught her last second." He stated, patting the girls back. She was only around five years old. I leaned down, noticing she was wearing the same uniform as the kids on the play ground. I looked at her shirt, noticing there was writing sown into the cotton material.

Hello, I'm Emily. I'm from Bradford's Orphanage. I furrowed my eyebrows, they're very straight forward.

"are you okay?" I asked her as I checked for any scratches on her pale skin. rowed my eyebrows, they're very straight forward. "Oh good heavens!" I jumped, a high pitched voice was heard from behind me. I was about to look back, but I was pushed out the way. I fell on my side, glaring at the woman who snatched the girl, Emily, from Harry. "Who do you think you are laying your hand on this child?!" She glared at the two of us. I stood up, brushing myself off. "I think I'm the one who saved her from falling." Harry stated, his demeanor showed that he was calm.

The lady huffed, "She could have taken a fall." I narrowed my eyes, she was already annoying me. "From a tree? Like this?" I pointed to it. "Cause last time I heard from your orphanage you were bankrupted and I doubt you need a hospital bill on top of everything that you're going through now." The lady was taken back, she looked at the girl, then Harry. "Say thank you Emily." She demanded, yanking her towards Harry. I glared at her, my anger boiling every second.

Harry bent down, a slight smile appearing on his face. "Thank you sir," her voice was soft and it could barely be heard. She gave him a quick smile before hugging him. Harry hugged back, "You're welcome beautiful," I smiled, he's so sweet. They hugged for a little longer, Harry whispered something in her ear before they pulled away. The girl's eyes were wide and so was her smile. Harry brought his finger up, covering his mouth. The girl nodded and copied her action. "Come on you twit." the lady huffed, grabbing her arm again.

"Bye Harry!" The girl said loudly, ignoring the lady as complained while dragging her back to the group of kids.

Harry stood up again, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "What did you tell her?" I asked him, watching as the lady rounded up all the kids and made them hold each others hands. Harry glanced at me, "I blocked you from hearing for a reason," I raised my eyebrow, "But you'll see soon." he said quickly, kissing my nose. "Good save babe," half laughed, kissing his cheek. He smiled proudly as he guided me down the side walk.

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