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Three days later.

Lexi's pov.

 I looked at Zayn, we were both walking around the city and admiring the graffiti he done in the past years. "I did this one after I had a nightmare, " Zayn mumbled, looking over the picture. Its a silhouette of a tall man, he had a twisted smile on, his teeth were like needles and his eyes were plain black. His arm was sticking out, his hands were no better than his teeth, his fingers were long blades with blood dripping from each one. I looked at Zayn with wide eyes, "Zayn what the hell, this is like, from a horror movie!" I exclaimed, looking at him and the graffiti. Zayn shrugged, "Anxiety." he answered simply, brushing his fingers across the the mans blades, sighing heavily. I nodded slightly, not knowing what else to do. (I basically explained one of my nightmares oops-)

I bit my lip awkwardly, "Zayn, can I tell you something?" I questioned, trying to get off the topic. Zayn nodded, "Sure," he backed away from the wall, looking away. "Um," I didn't know how to explain this, what the hell. "You do know that we're um," Zayn laughed, cutting me off. "Soulmates? Yeah, I know." I furrowed my eyebrows, "oh." Zayn looked at me, "You need to practice keeping your thoughts to yourself." He told me, his laugh dying down to a simple chuckle. "Well um, what do-" Zayn raised his hand up, "I'm not dating anyone who's mean to my family and needs am attitude adjustment." he stated, his voice was stern.

"But, its not my fault she's such a fre-" I stopped myself, sighing. "Okay, I'll be nice."  Zayn looked at me for a minute before raising his hand to me and holding his pinky out, "Pinky promise?" I stared at him for a moment before hooking my pinky with his. "Pinky promise." Zayn flashed me a smile before he unhooked our pinky's and grabbed my hand, pulling me over. I smiled back, stopping myself just before I ran into him. "We should go," Zayn said, glancing around, "The cops usually come around this time to look for the fuck ups and stuff." I nodded, allowing him to guide from the ally which we were originally using for a shortcut to get to his house.

Bae's pov.

My eyes were trained on the ground as the ball came flying towards me, quickly, I reached my leg out and kicked it. The ball went flying, I looked at Harry who seemed to be on his last strand. "Really?" he asked, jogging to the end of the yard. "Really." I half laughed, watching as he disappeared along with the football. Only seconds passed before the ball came flying back, I gasped loudly bumping it with my chest. My eyes widened as I heard a few cracks errupted from my chest, "holy," was all I managed to say, my hands were on my chest as I fell back. I looked down at my chest, it looked at little deformed. But there was no pain, none.

Harry came back not even minutes after. "Oh god, Baelee I'm sorry," he mumbled, kneeling down beside me. I looked at him, clueless on what to do. "Just watch," he stated, not looking down at my chest. I nodded, looking down. Slowly, all the bones that broke came back into place. Instead of my chest pushed in, it went back to normal, like the football never even broke my chest into pieces. I looked up at Harry, amazed. "Whoa.." I mumbled, smiling wide. Harry smiled back, "I said the same thing when something similar like this happened to me," He stood up and held his hand out, I grabbed it with no hesitation and allowed him to pull me to my feet.

"I'm not kicking the ball that far again," I stated, walking over and grabbing it. A light chuckled was heard from Harry as I waked back over to him. "So what now?" he asked, taking the ball. I shrugged, "I dunno." We stayed there for a few moments, thinking of what to do now.

"Hey guys," I looked over to see Zayn and Lexi walking over. They've been hanging out a lot since I came home from the hospital. I waved at them, smiling. "Hello." They stopped just a few steps away from us, "So what are you two doing?" Zayn asked, examining us. "Well, we were playing football until Harry decided to break some bones." I joked, looking at him.

"He did what?!" I looked at Zayn, shocked at the sudden anger in his tone. "Zayn, its okay," I told him, moving in front of him. "I'm totally fine."  Zayn examined me, before looking at Harry. "I don't care if she can heal in 5 seconds you better be careful with my cousin or I'll kill you." He threatened. If looks could kill, Harry would have been dead. Harry raised his hands up in defense, saying nothing.

"So um, nice show but can we eat?" Lexi suddenly budded in, breaking the tension between Zayn and Harry.  "Good idea," I added, a smile appearing on my face. Lexi grabbed Zayn's arm, pulling him away from Harry. Harry only stood there, he didn't say or do anything as Zayn threatened him. "Come on," I murmured, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tightly. Harry smiled back, squeezing my hand back. "I know a perfect place to go." he told us, walking quickly to get in the lead.

"Thank you Jen," I smiled, taking the blood bag from her hand . "Anytime hun," she replied, a smile appearing on her face. I watched as she handed the other three a bag. "Okay, hurry and go." she waved us off before walking back into what's suppose to be the exit door. Harry grabbed my hand before quickly walking away. I glanced back to see Zayn and Lexi following shortly behind. We stopped at the dumpster that was on the other side of the back parking lot. I followed Harry behind it before quickly ripping the bad open a little at the top and bringing the flimsy plastic to my lips. I started to gulp down the thick liquid, I had to stop and take a break a few times so I wouldn't loose control of myself.

Once I finished, I licked my lips a few times to make sure I didn't make a mess.  I crumbled up the now empty blood bag and tossed it in the trash. "That was good." I mumbled to myself, wrapping my arms around myself. I looked at Lexi, expecting a smart comment to escape her lips any second now. Zayn did too. Slowly, Lexi realized we were staring. "Stop you're making it hard to be nice." she whined, bringing the one third filled bag of blood to her side.

I quickly looked away, If that's how she'll be nice, I'll make sure to never look at her. I thought, walking over to Harry and wrapping my arms around his waist. "I love you" I mumbled, laying my head on his chest. Harry wrapped his arm around the small of my back, "I love you too." he replied, kissing my head softly.

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