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I set down my sketch book, looking up at my bedroom window. "Yes Harry?" a chuckle was heard, "How'd you know I was here?" I got up from my bed and walked to the window, opening it. "Just because you can't be seen in a mirror doesn't mean you can't be seen through a window." I told him, lifting the window up. I leaned on the seal, my eyes meeting Harry's. "Come on, lets go out." Harry said, grabbing my hands. 

"I don't know Harry.." I trailed off, I didn't know if I should leave the house just yet. Well, with how the weather has been.

"Come on Bae, out of all the things that happened in the past few weeks?" He pointed out, slouching his shoulders.

"Where to?" I asked, walking over to my bedroom door and sliding on my boots. "Just around the city." I nodded, walking over to the window again, "Okay, let's go." Harry took a few steps back from the window and held his hands out. I lifted my leg up and carefully brought it out the window, I now sat one leg inside my house and the other dangling out the window. Harry walked back over and brought his hands just below my armpits, carefully he lifted me up then set me on the ground. I smiled up at him, he returned the small gesture.

I looked around, it wasn't raining but the streets were wet and some parts were covered in ice. Small drops of water were falling from the trees and the houses, the streets were empty except for Harry and I. I glanced at Harry, his eyes wandered around his surroundings. "Harry," He looked at me, curiosity filled his eyes. "I thought we couldn't be friends?" He nodded slightly, "We couldn't then, but now we can be." He told me, he wasn't looking at me when he said it. "Why couldn't we be friends then?" I don't understand why we couldn't be friends, we hung out anyways. Harry sighed, "It's hard to explain okay?" I nodded, knowing I wasn't going to get an answer.

I was about to say something, but Harry done something unexpected. He gripped both my wrist, pushing me up against the brick wall. I gasped loudly, "H-Harry.." I was going to continue my sentence but a loud screeching was heard from down the road. "Hold on," Harry said quickly, wrapping one arm around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck, getting a slightly glance over his shoulder. Two cars were speeding down the street towards us. I wrapped my legs around Harry, not knowing what else to do.

I suddenly felt myself rise, my eyes met the ground to see we wasn't on the ground anymore. "Harry-" I nearly screeched, tightening my grip around him. I watched his legs as they stood on the window and carefully climbed up the wall. Harry suddenly stopped, I looked up to see him holding on to the window of the second floor. I pulled myself up slightly, I was slipping as I watched the two cars swerve around the road.

"Drunk Drivers." Harry mumbled, turning his head to the side and watching. "Harry, why couldn't we have just ran?" Harry shook his head, "Can't, she'll get your scent." he mumbled.

The car made a loud screeching before it crashed into the building just under us. My eyes widen as the second car screeched to a stop behind the first one. We both watched as a man stepped out of the second car opened the door of the first one, the man did a few things that I couldn't see before he yanked the person out the car, The person was dragged to the middle of the street, the man started to beat the person- female- on the ground.

"Harry, do something." I cried, hearing the lady's screams of pain. Harry shook his head, "Bae, I can't." I was about to ask why but I was interrupted by the man yelling a name,


My breathing hitched as the back door of the second car opened slowly, a boney arm stretched out to the ground, I watched as Lexi slowly crawled out the car. She looked weak and sick, she didn't look right. Her usual tan skin was pale.

I was caught off guard when she was suddenly by the lady, her hands gripped the lady's face tightly before twisting her neck quickly. A scream escaped my lips as the loud cracking of her neck echoed through the silent street. Harry covered my mouth, but it was too late. Lexi looked up at us, her eyes wide and her lips parted, fangs showing.

"Bae!" She screeched, her voice was like venom as she stood up and ran over to the building, "Dammit Bae," Harry mumbled, climbing up to the roof. "I-I'm sorry," I barely whispered as Harry's grip tightened on me.

"It's all your fault!"

Lexi's scream could be heard getting closer to us. "Hold on tight, Bae." Harry told me as he turned to where Lexi's voice came from. He back up until he was in the center. My eyes widen when I realized what he was doing, "Harry n-" I didn't get to finish, a gush of wind blew past me, my hair blowing all over the place as everything went to a blur. I was holding onto Harry tighter than I ever thought was possible.

Suddenly, the wind stopped. I still clung to Harry's body as I looked around, we were in the shared drive way and Harry was prying me off of him. "Bae, your nails do hurt." Oh. I let go of Harry, unwrapping my legs also. I stood there, my body shaking and my heart beating rapidly.

"H-Harry did y-you-" before I could finish, another scream was heard. Before I could react, I was forced back by a powerful force. My back hit the ground and slid back on the concrete. Pain shot through me as I hit something hard, the porch.

"I'm going to kill you!" Lexi screeched, her hands gripping my neck tightly; her nails digging into my neck. I tried to gasp for air, but I couldn't she blocked my air way. "Lexi stop!" Harry hissed, his voice was the venom. Lexi suddenly froze, her nails still deep in my skin. I was confused, What's happening? "Remove your hands." Lexi's hands immediately let go. I gasped for air, couching slightly as I did. "Bae, get on the porch." Harry told me, his voice soft. I nodded quickly, scurrying on to the porch behind me. My body was still in pain from me hitting the wood and getting dragged up the drive way.

"Lexi, come here." Harry's voice was now harsh, our eyes met. His eyes were a dark red and his jaw was clenched. Lexi's body was drug back by a invisible force, a screech left her lips as she was dragged. Her body was stiff, arms looking like they were glued to her body. Harry gripped her chin roughly, his voice was cold. "You will never touch Bae ever again. Do you hear me?" Lexi didn't answer, she was being stubborn and trying to get out his grip.

Harry's grip tightened, "Do you hear me?!" He yelled, his demonic voice coming into play. I jumped, I could hear Lexi's gasp all the way over here. "I-I unders-stand." She stuttered, cowering back. Harry forced her back, her body falling to the ground. "Now go feed, return here when you're finished." Harry growled, walking over to me. Lexi was gone before Harry could reach me.

Harry stood at the beginning of the porch, looking down at me. "You, you can come in." I told him, not knowing why I repeated 'you'. Harry walked up on the porch, leaning down and grabbing my hands before pulling me up to my feet. I looked up at him, my stomach flipping as I did. "Thank you, Harry," I whispered, leaning up and kissing his cheek softly. I don't know why I did that, but I just did. "so much." Harry smiled, lifting me up by my waist and pulling me to him.

Harry bent down, his lips meeting mine. But not for long, he pulled back and looked around. "We need to go inside, its late." He stated, walking over to the front door and opening it. I walked slowly to the door, grabbing his hand and guiding him inside.

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