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Baelee's pov

"Oh, can I come?" I asked Harry, excitement filled my body. Harry looked at me and shook his head, "No, you just stay here. This is more of a just me, myself and I thing." He told me, walking to the front door.I frowned, its midnight and he's going out, but I guess he's going to get more blood. But he already had three blood bags. I sighed, thinking of things he would be doing but nothing came to mind. "But then what can I do? Lexi and Zayn went out on a date and Trisha is sleeping."

Harry looked at me as he walked over to me, his height towering my own. "Watch t.v. or draw, you haven't done that in a while." he mumbled, leaning down and leaving a soft kiss on my forehead. My frown was still present as Harry mumbled an 'I love you' and left the house. A long sigh escaped my lips as I walked up to our room, the house was completely silent other than Trisha's soft breathing. As I got in the room, my eyes scanned the room until I seen my sketch book. I quickly walked over and grasped the book, the black, grey and dark blue color pencil's before sitting down on the floor and opening to a blank sheet of paper. I know exactly what I'm going to draw.

Zayn's pov.

"So what exactly do you have planned?" Lexi asked, her eyes were trained on her hands which were rubbing together nervously. "You'll see, okay?" We were currently walking down a street, towards a park. "Okay." She mumbled.  I smiled, wrapping my arm around her. She glanced up at me, adding a quick smiled as she did. Looking at her, I now realized she isn't the same Lexi that she is around people, when we're alone like this; she's like a shy girl around her crush. Well, she kind of is.

"Lexi, why are so you so mean to Baelee?" I questioned, we were just at the entrance at the park. Lexi sighed, "Baelee and I use to be best friends, but one day she just totally cut everyone off." I gave her a confused look. Lexi looked at me, her eyes a little wide. "Zayn, Baelee use to be popular and in the crowd, like come on, someone as pretty as her. She was noticed by everybody and everyone loved her, but as I said before, one day she just cut everyone off and pretending nobody was around." I nodded, "Lexi you do know she has a lot of problems, she has seizures, she had to take care of her mom and her dad left her, not to mention they moved far away from us so we couldn't help her." I told her, sighing.

Lexi nodded, "Well I know this now." guilt filled her voice as she looked at the ground, as if it would give her some comfort.  I looked around, noticing the small boat that was set near the bridge. I know its cliche, but it was the first thing that came to mind. "Well, we can just save this conversation for later. We arrived at the place." I told her, stopping in front of the boat. Lexi looked at it, a giggle escaping her lips. "How cliche." she commented, stepping on the boat. "What can I say," I chuckled, getting in after her. I reached under the seat and pulled out two life jackets, "Here you go," I held it out to her.

She looked at the jacket then myself, "Zayn, I don't need that. I know how to swim." I dropped the one I was holding out to her. "Oh um, yeah. I do too." I mumbled, setting mine behind me. Lexi raised her eyebrow questioningly. I flashed her a smile before grabbing the two oars. "Okay um, this is the first time I did this so cut me some slack, okay?"  I chuckled, rotating the oars in a circle, watching as the water was pushed behind us; making sure I was going in the right direction (no pun intended).

"Well you're doing a pretty good job for a first timer." Lexi complemented, a sly grin appearing on her face. "Why thank you,".

Lexi and I have been out here for about an hour or so, we've talked, had a few laughs and over all, had a great time. "So Zayn, how would you like to go for a swim?" I looked up at her with wide eyes, "Um, I'd rather-" Lexi only smirked as she leaned all her weight on the side of the boat. Did i forget to mention it was a small boat? 'Cause it is. As soon as her weight was fully leaned on the side, the boated tipped. I let out a loud screech as water surround me. I was starting to panic until my feet met the solid floor at the bottom of the pond. I stood up, realizing it wasn't as deep as I thought, it was as deep as my mid-section.

I looked around, spotting Lexi with her hand covering her mouth to help hold in a laugh. I frowned at her, crossing my arms. "Its not funny." I stated, going over to the boat and flipping it back to its right side. I looked around to find the life jackets and oars floating not too far away, "Oh come on Zayn, loosen up." Lexi said softly, walking over to the life Jackets and grabbing them. I only glanced at her as I reached out for the oars and set them back in the boat.

I watched in the corner of my eye as I walked over to the other life jacket and grabbed it. Lexi was biting her bottom lip softly and thinking; she started to walk towards the boat the same time I did. "Hey Zayn, guess what." Her voice was soft and playful. "What?" I asked, trying not to sound rude. She giggled slightly, setting the life jacket in the boat. "I'm all wet." she stated, trying her best not to laugh as the words escaped her lips. I looked at her, not knowing what else to say but; "oh."

Lexi let out a half laugh, "I'm only kidding,"

I nodded, awkwardly pushing the boat to shore. "Well, that was a.. interesting conversation." I mumbled, chuckling quietly. "Well it would've been amazing if you didn't make it awkward." Lexi joked, looking down at her clothes. She was wearing a simple pair of skinny jeans with a red and black plaid shirt with a black tank top underneath. She also had a pair of plain black converse to go with it. She dressed very tomboyish might I add. "And I never expected you to be the awkward type." She added, walking over to the sidewalk. I followed shortly behind her, "I'm not. But then again a girl never talked to me in that way so I don't know how to respond." I chuckled, grabbing her hand.

"Now let's hurry and get home before I get a rash or whatever." I mumbled, grabbing her hand and speed walking out of the park.

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