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December 6, 1862.

  He laid in the hospital bed, confused on what happened. He tried to sit up, but he was too weak and hungry. He looked around, noticing there was nothing that seemed edible. Until, his eyes met the blood bag that was slowly pumping blood into his arm. He cringed. He wanted the blood, he craved the thick, red liquid. His arm reached over, taking the needle out of his skin and pulling the bag towards him. Once the bag was in his grasp, he ripped off where the tube was and brought it to his lips, gulping the blood quickly. It tasted so good, he never expected it too. He quickly finished the bag, licking around his mouth, still hungry. He sniffed around the air and looked at his arm; blood. Quickly, he brought his arm to his lips and sucked it out. He moaned at the taste, it was amazing, he never had anything taste so... good.

Once all the blood was gone from his body, he looked around, feeling stronger than he did before. He licked around his lips again, still hungry for blood. Suddenly, a nurse walked in, looking down at her clipboard.

"Sir, we ran some-" she didn't get to finish her sentence. The boy lunged at her, biting down on her neck. The nurse tried to scream, but failed when he covered her mouth and continued to drink her blood like it was a normal drink.

The nurses body went limp, and he dropped her to the floor. He looked around, noticing the mirror on the far side of the room. He walked over, looking at himself. Blood stained his gown and face. His eyes were red, and his teeth were almost like needles, but thicker. He gasped, running to the window, opening it. Three stories. He could jump, and kill himself, the monster that he is. Quickly, he opened the window and climbed on it, taking a deep breath of fresh air. Another smell filled his senses, blood. He looked around, noticing all the people walking  around. An open blood buffet, but he shook his head, temporarily getting rid of the vile thoughts.

"Sir! Get down!" A lady said from behind him, he turned to see the lady run to him but stopped when she seen him. She stopped and screamed, other nurses and doctors tall started running in the room. But before they could grabbed him, he jumped. falling onto the ground which was covered with a thin layer of snow, it was winter after all. Once his body met the ground, he got up quickly and started running. He didn't care that he just jumped and was suppose to die. He just wanted to get away, knowing it wasn't safe to be in the city. He ran faster than he ever expected to, he ran until he was in the woods, until he was away from humans, he ran until he thought he couldn't run anymore.

Okay, So This is my new story That will be coming soon! :) Its kind of based off the movie 'Let Me In' like, it will have some parts from the movie but most will be MY ideas. Hope you enjoy.

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